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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Danville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Danville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being arrested for a crime in Illinois is overwhelming, and the legal process that follows is unfortunately just as complicated and confusing. Regardless of whether you were charged with a misdemeanor or felony, the penalties for a conviction can include jail time and fines. There may also be collateral consequences that affect your life after you serve your sentence. It should be encouraging to know that defenses are available in criminal cases, though you might not understand how to address them before the court.

You can rely on Patel Law, PC to assist with any type of criminal charges, as our team is experienced with these cases and well-versed in the laws. We will develop a solid defense strategy, and resolution of the charges through negotiations is also a possibility. Please contact our firm to schedule a consultation with a Danville criminal defense lawyer. You can also read on for some information on what we do and how we support your needs.

Skilled Services With All Illinois Criminal Cases

Our team has the skills, resources, and dedication to help with criminal charges involving both state and federal laws. You can trust us to advocate on your behalf if you were arrested for:

  • Assault and battery, which are separate offenses that are often charged together;
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including multiple and felony DUI;
  • Internet crimes, including hacking, phishing, and identity theft;
  • Drug possession, manufacturing, trafficking, as well as drug conspiracy;
  • Sex crimes, including sexual assault, child abuse, and molestation;
  • Theft offenses, ranging from shoplifting charges to large-scale theft rings;
  • Weapons offenses and violations of Illinois gun laws; and,
  • White-collar crimes.

We are also knowledgeable about federal offenses, so we can assist with cases involving mortgage, tax, healthcare, and securities fraud. Other practice areas include defending RICO and enterprise corruption.

How Our Team Supports Your Rights

Our services will vary depending on the charges, evidence, and what is necessary to protect your interests. Patel Law, PC will be at your side to assist with:

  • Pre-arrest investigations by law enforcement;
  • Your arraignment, which is the first court appearance after your arrest in which the judge reads the charges and addresses bail for pretrial release;
  • Required court appearances and pretrial activities;
  • Filing motions to support your case, such as requesting a dismissal of the charges and having illegally obtained evidence tossed; and,
  • Representing you at trial, including opening and closing arguments, examining and cross-examining witnesses, and presenting evidence.

Plus, a Danville, Illinois criminal defense lawyer is instrumental in working out a plea bargain to resolve the charges. You benefit from lesser charges, reduced punishment, or both.

Consult with a Danville Criminal Defense Attorney About Your Case

No matter what circumstances led up to your arrest, your focus should be on defending the charges and retaining skilled counsel for legal help. For more information on how we assist those accused of crimes, please contact Patel Law, PC to set up a consultation. An Illinois criminal defense lawyer will provide additional details after evaluating your situation.

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