Medical Malpractice Case Results

Medical Case Results

Medical Malpractice Case Results: $1,125,000Vermilion County Foot Amputation Due To Failure To Treat Infection… Read More…


Vermilion County Foot Amputation Due To Failure To Treat Infection


Champaign County Fetal Distress Caused Cerebral Palsy


Champaign County Improper Installation Of Pacemaker


Medical Malpractice award for a woman who lost parts of her fingers on one hand as a result of negligent insertion of IV into her arm during routine medical procedure.


Recovered for a man as a result of a faulty hip replacement against the manufacturer – Depuy.


Recovered for a woman as a result of a faulty hip replacement where she had to endure a revision surgery. This was a product liability case against the hip manufacturer – Depuy.

Medical Malpractice Case Results – Attorneys to take on insurance companies to get you every penny you deserve for your injuries or defending you if you are accused of a crime.

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