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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Danville Healthcare Fraud Lawyer

Danville, Illinois Healthcare Fraud Attorney

Healthcare fraud affects patients, providers, and taxpayers, which is why US government officials are diligent in their efforts to investigate and apprehend those who violate the laws. The penalties for a conviction can be serious, and most cases will aggregate the counts according to the number of instances of alleged fraud. However, as with any criminal matter, there are defenses for fighting the charges and options for obtaining a positive outcome.

You are in a better position to maximize your options when you retain skilled defense counsel for assistance with healthcare fraud charges. At Patel Law, PC, we have the experience and knowledge to develop a solid defense strategy around your unique circumstances. Please contact our firm to schedule a consultation with a Danville, Illinois healthcare fraud attorney who can provide details. You can also read on for some important information and tips on what to do about the charges.

Common Schemes to Defraud in Healthcare

It is unlawful to make misrepresentations, use deception, or employ false pretenses to gain a benefit or obtain money through a healthcare program. As a result, there are multiple scenarios regarding who may be facing charges for healthcare fraud:

Patients: If you receive medical benefits through a public program, such as Medicaid, you could be arrested for fraud if you make false statements to qualify. For instance, it is fraud to conceal assets, illegally transfer property, or misrepresent income when proving eligibility for needs-based programs.

Practitioners: A healthcare provider could face fraud charges for using deception in connection with reimbursement for Medicare, Medicaid, and public programs, as well as fraud against a private insurer. You could be arrested for:

  • Creating bogus medical records;
  • Billing for unnecessary treatment or services not provided;
  • Illegal kickbacks, referrals, and collusion among healthcare providers; and,
  • Double-billing.

What to Do if You Are Facing Healthcare Fraud Charges

A conviction for fraud could lead to a maximum sentence of ten years in prison and a fine; however, if a provider causes bodily harm to a patient because of a healthcare fraud scheme, the penalties are significantly higher. As such, you must take proper action from the moment you believe you are under investigation. A top priority is contacting our Danville, Illinois healthcare fraud lawyers at Patel Law, PC for assistance. Some additional tips include:

  • Never allow a search of your home or business without a warrant.
  • If officials have a warrant, review the contents carefully and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Do not resist arrest or become belligerent during encounters with police.
  • Decline to make statements, answer questions, or agree to interrogation by police.

A Danville, Illinois Healthcare Fraud Attorney Will Protect Your Rights

If you follow these recommendations, you can rely on Patel Law, PC to manage all essential tasks related to your defense. Our team has decades of combined experience fighting for clients in all types of criminal cases, so we are ready to develop a solid strategy. Please contact our firm to set up a consultation with an Illinois healthcare fraud lawyer who will advise you on the laws.

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