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Champaign Murder & Homicide Lawyer

Murder charges are the most serious criminal allegations a person can face. If a loved one has been accused of homicide, everything possible must be done to protect their rights and freedom.

Champaign murder & homicide lawyers at Patel Law, PC believe in fighting tirelessly for our clients. We use years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the law to help our clients achieve the best possible results. Our firm and our clients also benefit from Attorney Baku N. Patel, who is certified by the Illinois Supreme Court as a member of the Capital Litigation Trial Bar. Based on his years of experience in defending serious cases, including different degrees of murder cases, he is one of only two lawyers in the district who are eligible to handle death penalty cases.

We Handle Different Degrees of Murders Cases

Our firm has successfully represented numerous clients charged with first and second degree murder, as well as voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. Our experienced Champaign homicide defense attorneys have gone to trial on the most serious cases with positive results, often exceeding the clients’ expectations.

Violent crime and murder cases are no easy matter, but relentless attorneys who prepare meticulously and fight aggressively in court can provide the best possible chance of reaching a favorable resolution.

Experienced Attorneys for Murder / Homicide Cases in Illinois

If you want experience on your side during a murder case, you need to work with our firm. Attorney Patel recently defended the case of People v. Taylor, wherein the defendant was charged with first degree murder after having been previously convicted of murder charges in Cook County. Due to his criminal history and the seriousness of the offense, the State’s Attorney was seeking the death penalty. After conducting an extremely extensive investigation and interviewing countless numbers of witnesses, the state reduced the charges to involuntary manslaughter and the defendant was subsequently sentenced for a very short period of time considering his pre-trial credits and has since been released. Mr. Patel’s extensive jury trial experience coupled with his investigatory background from his years of defending murder cases resulted in a very successful outcome on behalf of the client.

In People v. Kruger, the defendant was charged with first degree murder wherein the State was also seeking the death penalty. The defendant was subsequently acquitted at trial. In the cases of People v. Peete and People v. Crider, each defendant was also charged with first degree murder but neither was convicted of those charges. Each of those defendants, due to Mr. Patel’s efforts, pled guilty to substantially lower charges which resulted in early releases for each defendant. These are just a handful of cases that he has successfully represented over the years.

How Illinois Homicide Attorney Represent your case?

When we represent clients accused of murder, our Illinois murder defense attorney begins by looking at all the facts and laws that could apply to their circumstances. We then conduct thorough investigations and perform in-depth research. When necessary we find highly-regarded experts, including experts on hair, saliva, semen and ballistics, as well as crime scene experts. As evidenced by our firm’s record of success and by Attorney Patel’s history of successfully resolving murder cases, we are capable of handling whatever your case may bring.

Everything about our legal services is extensive and designed to provide our clients with the best chances of beating or significantly reducing their charges. We even conduct trials in front of mock juries to help prepare our clients’ cases for court. We understand that failure in court means that our clients may face life sentences or the death penalty. There is no room for error when life is at stake. We act according and always fight aggressively. Contact Patel Law, PC today.

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