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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Danville Mortgage Fraud Defense Lawyer

Danville, Illinois Mortgage Fraud Defense Lawyer

A lender takes on a significant amount of risk when approving an applicant for a home loan, so it is no surprise that authorities are aggressive in pursuing those who are thought to engage in mortgage fraud. The basics of the offense are not difficult to understand. It is against the law to make false statements in connection with procuring a mortgage. If convicted of mortgage fraud, you could face harsh penalties, including a long prison sentence and hefty fines.

Fortunately, there are defenses and opportunities to resolve the charges. The prosecution has a difficult burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Our team at Patel Law, PC is dedicated to fighting for the rights of the accused, and we have extensive experience with defense strategies. Please contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation. A Danville, Illinois mortgage fraud defense lawyer can offer personalized advice, but some background information is also useful.

Summary of Mortgage Fraud Laws

In addition to the borrower, there may be multiple individuals and entities involved with obtaining a home loan, including mortgage brokers, investors, realtors, appraisers, and title insurance companies. Any of these parties could be charged with mortgage fraud for engaging in deception with respect to loan documents. However, the prosecution must prove certain elements to obtain a conviction:

  • The defendant intentionally and knowingly made false statements;
  • The statements were intended to influence decisions on loan origination, refinancing, and modifications; and,
  • The misstatements resulted in financing, a profit, or funding for the defendant.

With mortgage fraud, the deception typically involves inflating assets, hiding debts, fabricating income, or minimizing liabilities. However, a person could also face charges for falsifying a Social Security number, forging or altering a title, concealing encumbrances on the property, or misrepresenting the property’s allowed usage.

How a Lawyer Supports Your Defense

If convicted of mortgage fraud, you could be sentenced to a maximum of 30 years in prison and a fine of up to a whopping $1 million. A judge could also require restitution as part of the sentence, which means you must pay back the lender or other aggrieved party. Our goal at Patel Law, PC is to get a dismissal of the charges during pretrial proceedings or an acquittal at trial. However, we will support you with plea bargaining if a complete defense is not available.

You can trust a Danville, Illinois mortgage fraud attorney to:

  • Conduct an investigation to disprove the government’s allegations;
  • Work with forensic professionals to support your defense;
  • Assist with arraignment, bond, and pretrial release;
  • Be at your side for all court appearances;
  • Pursue and defend motions; and,
  • Represent you during trial to present arguments, evidence, and witness testimony in your favor.

Discuss Defenses With a Danville, Illinois Mortgage Fraud Lawyer

You can see the advantages of retaining skilled legal counsel to fight mortgage fraud charges, so contact Patel Law, PC right away. We are happy to set up a consultation to review your situation and explain your options. It is critical to maximize defense opportunities early and often, and you level the playing field with the government when you have an Illinois mortgage fraud defense attorney at your side.

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