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The Truck Accident lawyers Champaign, Illinois at Patel Law, PC, have seen first-hand how devastating truck accidents can be for victims and families. Weighing as much as 80,000 pounds and unresponsive to sharp maneuvers or timely stops, semi-trucks, 18-wheeler, tractor-trailers and other large freight carrying commercial vehicles produce some of the most horrific road traffic accidents and extensive damages.

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Drivers and passengers of passenger vehicles, as well as pedestrians and motorcycle riders, are in constant danger of being involved in a collision with the massive machines like truck, semi-truck, tractor-trailer or 18 wheeler commercial vehicles, with which they share the roads and highways. When they suffer injuries during truck accidents, victims have the opportunity to file personal injury claims against trucking companies for negligence.

Truck accident cases in Illinois are among the most difficult and highly contentious legal claims. This is due to both the presence of numerous federal regulations and laws surrounding the trucking industry and the aggressive defense tactics employed by large and powerful trucking companies during legal proceedings.

At Patel Law, PC our tractor-trailer accident lawyers champaign have demonstrated time and time again that our team possesses the skills, experience, and resources to tackle both of these elements and maximize the recoveries of the trucking accident victims and families we represent.

How Our Champaign Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help You?

Truck accidents can be caused by a number of factors, circumstances and conditions. In order for victims to recover their damages, however, it must be proven that either a truck driver or a trucking company failed to uphold their duty of keeping others on the roads free from preventable harm.

In order to unearth the underlying negligence that caused a truck accident, our Champaign truck accident lawyers draw upon more than two decades of experience and an expansive knowledge of the federal trucking laws governing the duties of truck drivers and trucking companies.

While certain negligent driving behaviors, such as drunk driving and distracted driving, are grounds for full liability in any situation, there are also a number of unique laws that can be highlighted to present the failures of truck drivers or companies.

Among these laws include a number of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, including strict requirements for:

  • Hours-of-service regulations for drivers
  • Routine vehicle inspections
  • Regular and adequate vehicle maintenance and repair
  • Weight and freight restrictions
  • Training requirements for drivers
  • Health and safety code laws

A failure to adhere to any of the FMCSA laws can cause accidents that have the potential to injure or kill large amounts of innocent people. When investigating cases, our truck wreck lawyers sifts through all applicable laws and records of drivers and companies to determine if their negligence played a role in causing your accident. If negligence can be clearly established, companies will be held liable for the damages suffered by victims.

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Another difficult aspect inherent to truck accident personal injury claims is that they are nearly always contested by trucking companies. As large payouts are detrimental to the financial well-being of companies and to their professional image, they often do everything in their power to deflect allegations of negligence and to pay victims as little as possible. They will often utilize extensive resources, financial assets and sophisticated legal teams to challenge claims in court. These tactics can be effective against victims who do not have legal representation, but they often fall short when up against aggressive attorneys who fight tirelessly for their clients.

At Patel Law, PC, truck injury attorney stand up against powerful trucking companies and we do not rest until we can produce the most favorable results possible.

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Having worked on a number of cases like 18 wheeler, or other commercial vehicles accidents and semi truck accident, throughout our years of practice, we know just how important full and fair compensation is for injured victims. This is why our Illinois truck accident lawyers team does everything in our power to deliver personalized service and successful results. Should your case be resolved through a negotiated settlement or during a trial by jury, you can be confident that our record of success shows that we know how to reach resolutions in any legal arena. Contact Patel Law, PC today to schedule a free case consultation.