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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Danville Drug Crimes Lawyer

Danville, Illinois Drug Offenses Attorney

Every US state and the US government has enacted laws covering drug crimes, and the statutes in Illinois are surprisingly tough. Despite the fact that marijuana has been decriminalized, there are still many forms of conduct related to marijuana that are illegal. Plus, activities related to many other controlled substances can lead to serious charges. Some drug offenses are misdemeanors, but jail time and fines are still possible for a conviction. If convicted of a felony drug crime, you could be sentenced to years in prison.

However, there are defense opportunities in every criminal case. Patel Law, PC is skilled at exploring options and developing a solid legal strategy around them. We have extensive experience with all types of criminal law matters, so we are prepared to fight the charges. Please contact our firm to set up a consultation with a Danville, Illinois drug offenses attorney today. You can also read on for some useful information about how these cases work.

Types of Drug Crimes

Controlled substance laws generally revolve around the nature of the drug, the volume, and the activity. Illinois follows federal law in using a system of schedules to assess the potential for abuse and addictive qualities of a controlled substance. Higher amounts of drugs in the schedules considered most serious lead to more severe drug charges.

As far as illegal activities, you could be arrested for:

  • Possession, if you have drugs on your person or within your control;
  • Drug trafficking or distribution, when you knowingly bring controlled substances into the state for purposes of manufacturing or delivering; or,
  • Drug manufacturing, which covers any activity related to producing, processing, converting, packaging, storing, compounding, or cultivating controlled substances in violation of the law.

Keep in mind that it is still illegal to deliver, manufacture, or possess large amounts of marijuana.

Legal Process in a Drug Crimes Case

Any strategy to fight drug charges should encompass efforts to fight the government’s allegations, present defenses, and/or negotiate an agreement. The specifics will depend upon your case, but Patel Law, PC will employ appropriate tactics at the right stages. A Danville, Illinois drug offenses lawyer will support you during:

  • Pre-arrest investigations, especially when authorities are probing large-scale drug distribution or manufacturing rings;
  • Your arraignment, where the judge reads the official drug charges and you have the opportunity to arrange bail for pretrial release;
  • Pretrial hearings and court appearances;
  • Motions, such as requesting a dismissal of the charges or tossing unlawfully obtained evidence; and,
  • All phases of the trial, including a sentencing hearing.

Throughout the proceedings, we will continue to attempt to resolve the charges by agreement.

Talk to a Danville, Illinois Drug Offenses Attorney About Options

It is useful to have a general understanding of how the process works, but you can see that legal representation is critical when facing drug charges. Patel Law, PC will support your needs throughout the legal process, so please contact us to schedule a confidential consultation with an Illinois drug offenses lawyer. We can discuss strategy after reviewing the details of your case.

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