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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Danville Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Danville, Illinois Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Drug possession, manufacturing, and trafficking are all serious crimes in Illinois, but the stakes are higher when officials charge the offense as drug conspiracy. Some offenses may even trigger federal controlled substances laws, in which the penalties for a conviction are extremely severe. Conspiracy charges are complicated because the focus is on the agreement to commit an offense, even beyond the actual criminal act. Therefore, the laws are broad in what constitutes a violation.

If you were arrested for drug conspiracy, please contact Patel Law, PC right away. An arrest is not a conviction, and there are opportunities to defend the charges. The government has an uphill battle to prove guilt, so we will fight all efforts by the prosecutor. We are happy to schedule a consultation with a Danville, Illinois drug conspiracy lawyer who will discuss details. You might also find it useful to review some information on how these cases are unique and complex.

Conduct That Constitutes Drug Conspiracy

Possession, manufacturing, and trafficking in controlled substances are all unlawful acts. However, when two or more individuals band together to create a scheme of drug distribution, officials may pursue drug conspiracy charges.

As with any criminal case, the burden is on the government to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutor must meet this standard with respect to each element of conspiracy, including:

1. An agreement to commit a crime in violation of controlled substances laws;

2. The intent to participate in the plan, with the knowledge that it is illegal; and,

3. Some overt act intended to further the scheme.

With respect to #3, keep in mind that many acts could constitute conduct in furtherance of the drug conspiracy. Examples include procuring transportation, getting a weapon, or meeting with another co-conspirator.

Penalties for Drug Conspiracy Charges

Any conspiracy to commit a drug offense is treated as if the crime was committed, so a defendant is subject to the same penalties listed for the offense. For serious, felony drug conspiracy charges, the sentence could be a minimum of ten years and a maximum of life in prison.

Our Danville, Illinois drug conspiracy attorneys at Patel Law, PC are dedicated to exploring all possible strategies for fighting the charges. We will contest the prosecutor’s evidence and expose weaknesses in the government’s case, and we are prepared to pursue all potential defenses. There could be grounds to get the charges dismissed before trial or convince the jury to acquit. Plus, there may be plea bargaining opportunities to reduce the charges, penalties, or both.

Count on a Danville, Illinois Drug Conspiracy Lawyer for Help With Defenses

Considering the harsh penalties for a conviction, it is critical to retain skilled legal representation if you were arrested for any drug crimes. Patel Law, PC will develop a solid strategy for fighting the charges and obtaining the best possible outcome, so please contact us today. We can set up a consultation with an Illinois drug conspiracy attorney who can offer additional details.

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