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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Danville RICO & Enterprise Corruption Lawyer

Danville, Illinois RICO and Enterprise Corruption Attorney

It is a basic principle of US criminal law that a person convicted of a crime will face penalties. However, the nature of certain schemes enables some participants to remain untouched and in the background. Organized crime became a significant problem in the early and mid-1900s when officials were powerless at getting to the higher-ups by simply apprehending the lower-tier offenders. Congress passed the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute in response. Authorities now have the tools to reach those alleged to be running large-scale RICO and enterprise corruption schemes, even with little evidence of direct involvement.

Penalties for a conviction are extremely harsh, so trust our team at Patel Law, PC to aggressively defend organized crime allegations. We have extensive experience in the courtroom, backed by meticulous knowledge of the laws. Please contact us to set up a consultation with a Danville, Illinois RICO and enterprise corruption attorney. A summary of the legal concepts is also informative.

Basics of Racketeering Laws

RICO and anti-corruption laws do not focus on individual criminal acts but rather on an organized scheme that involves a series of offenses over time. It is unlawful to be employed by or associate with an enterprise that engages in racketeering, including illegal disruptions of commerce and attempts to collect an unlawful debt. In addition:

  • RICO and related statutes are also used by authorities when seeking to pursue organized crimes related to human trafficking, drug trafficking, and unlawful firearms transfers.
  • A person could face charges for investing, using, or applying the funds gained from a racketeering scheme.
  • Someone could also be arrested under RICO for copyright infringement, witness tampering, illegal gambling, and soliciting murder.
  • Because the goal is to access the higher-ups in an organized crime scheme, RICO also punishes predicate acts, i.e., offenses committed to further a more serious crime.

Defending Against RICO and Enterprise Corruption Charges

The government must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a heavy burden in an organized crime case. The defendant can expose and attack weak evidence, especially with respect to the elements that the prosecutor must prove. Our Danville, Illinois RICO and enterprise corruption lawyer at Patel Law, PC will take advantage of all defense opportunities, such as:

  • There may be grounds for a motion to dismiss the charges. Police often engage in misconduct in investigating RICO violations, and all evidence turned up during an unlawful search must be tossed.
  • The nature of organized crime lends itself to entrapment by officials, which could serve as a defense.
  • Other defenses include lack of intent, mistake, and no pattern of activity.

Consult With a Danville, Illinois RICO and Enterprise Corruption Attorney Today

If you were arrested on organized crime charges or believe you are under investigation, time is of the essence to retain legal help. Patel Law, PC will maximize all defense options as we strive to obtain a favorable outcome. Please contact our firm today to speak to an Illinois RICO and enterprise corruption lawyer. We can schedule a consultation to assess your case and discuss opportunities.

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