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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Personal Injury Case Results

Personal Injury Case Results

Personal Injury Auto Accidents Attorneys to take on insurance companies to get you every penny you deserve for your injuries or defending you if you are accused of a crime.


Macon County – Suit brought against FedEx for a wrongful death accident in Decatur, IL when the FedEx semi-truck driver lost control of his truck resulting in an accident on the interstate. Patel Law, P.C. litigated this case heavily against FedEx defense counsel. Mr. Patel retained several experts including an accident reconstructionist, vocational expert and an economist.


McLean County Car Was T-Boned By Semi-Truck


Ford County – Semi truck failed to stop at a stop sign, causing a collision resulting in extremely serious injuries to the client. Several experts were retained by Mr. Patel to fight the trucking company to pay for the damages his client deserved.


Champaign County – Property owner was cutting down a tree when the tree trunk twisted unexpectedly and struck our client, killing her. Patel Law, P.C. hired an expert to prove that the tree was diseased and brittle, and that the property owner should have expected the tree trunk to fall at unexpected angles, and that the property owner failed to observe basic precautions.


Mr. Patel and his aggressive personal injury trial team represented a young, high school aged boy who was severely injured in a car accident in which he was a passenger. Rather than simply settling for the auto policy, Mr. Patel successfully pursued the defendant’s personal assets in excess of the car insurance limits resulting in obtaining an actual, collected amount of $1,500,000. The money will be escrowed for Mr. Patel’s minor client’s future needs. This is evidence of Mr. Patel’s aggressive and determined approach to get the maximum results for his clients, not settling on anything less.


Champaign County Failure To Diagnose Breast Cancer


Vermilion County Foot Amputation Due To Failure To Treat Infection


Sangamon County Accident Caused By Drunk Driver


Champaign County Fetal Distress Caused Cerebral Palsy


Champaign County Improper Installation Of Pacemaker


Vermilion County Car Struck By Company Vehicle


Danville Recovered for a mother whose 14-year-old daughter died as a result of drowning at a public pool for lack of supervision.


Vermilion County : Mr. Patel represented an elderly woman who was struck head on when the distracted defendant entered her lane of travel. The client suffered a fractured leg and was unable to ambulate for several months. The insurance company refused to pay anything at first, so Mr. Patel and his trial team filed a lawsuit and dragged them into court. After aggressive questioning of the defendant driver during a deposition catching him in several inconsistencies, the defense requested a mediation to settle the case. The insurance company only offered a meager $50,000 but after several hours of intense negotiations, Mr. Patel got the insurance company to pay substantially more than they were initially willing to pay. This case is another example of how Mr. Patel will go the distance and take on the insurance company in court to make them pay for what his clients deserve because of someone else’s negligence.


Medical Malpractice award for a woman who lost parts of her fingers on one hand as a result of negligent insertion of IV into her arm during routine medical procedure.


Ford County – Defendant disregarded a stop sign causing serious injury, including a C-2 vertebrae fracture, broken ribs, a spleen injury, and 2 fractured ankles. Client tried to resolve the case on her own, but the insurance company delayed the whole process and did not take the case seriously claiming she recovered from her injuries. The initial offer was less than $200,000.00 but Mr. Patel refused to settle for less than the full limits. After substantial litigation, the insurance company caved and tendered the full $500,000.00 policy limit.


Recovered for a man as a result of a faulty hip replacement against the manufacturer – Depuy.


Vermilion County

Client was a passenger in a car that was struck on the side he was sitting. Personal Injury Auto Accidents- He suffered several injuries as a result. However, due to many pre-existing medical issues, the insurance company denied that many of his complaints were caused by the accident. Patel Law team filed a law suit due to their extensive trial experience to vigorously represent their client’s interest. After taking many depositions and proving to the other side they were ready for trial, the insurance company paid the full limits to his client who was extremely appreciative.


Vermilion County

Client was a passenger in a vehicle and was involved in a collision with another driver who ran a stop sign. client was ejected from the vehicle, sustained critical injuries and died the next day. Case is still pending probate, but the court entered the order approving settlement for the policy limits.


Recovered for a woman as a result of a faulty hip replacement where she had to endure a revision surgery. This was a product liability case against the hip manufacturer – Depuy.


Champaign County – Client was on motorcycle when another vehicle ran a red light, causing collision. Injuries include tibial fracture and L1 fracture.


Vermilion County

Client was driving through an intersection when defendant failed to yield at a stop sign, causing collision. He had no evidence of acute injury on the date of accident. Two months later he was hospitalized for subdural hemorrhage, and he eventually recovered. The client was elderly, and the delay in the symptoms and treatment was an issue with this case.


Vermilion County

Client was a passenger in a vehicle that collided into another vehicle while making an illegal lane change. Client was hospitalized with a hip fracture. Multiple parties were involved, and our client settled for policy limits after we reduced her liens.


Champaign County

Client was driving when the defendant made a sudden left turn directly in front of the client causing a collision. Client had neck and back pain from the collision, but also had some pre-existing medical conditions and new incidents of injury to his back. After conducting some discovery, we were able to mediate and settle.


Vermilion County

Personal Injury Auto Accidents – Client was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck by the defendant who failed to yield while making a left turn. She experienced severe leg pain immediately after the accident, but she did not receive a formal diagnosis of leg fracture until 3 weeks later. We were able to settle this case for policy limits.

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