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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Blog / Personal Injury / Tristar Innovative Products, Inc. Sued After 4-Year-Old Burned by Pressure Cooker

Tristar Innovative Products, Inc. Sued After 4-Year-Old Burned by Pressure Cooker


The parents of a 4-year-old girl have filed a lawsuit against Tristar Innovative Products, Inc. after their daughter was burned by a defective pressure cooker, according to a recent lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that the lid of the pressure cooker was removable while the contents of the pressure cooker were under pressure. This resulted in the pressure cooker spewing hot contents all over the kitchen and causing a burn injury to a child.

The lawsuit contends that the pressure cooker was intrinsically defective. All pressure cookers come with safety devices that prevent the lid from opening while the contents are under pressure. The plaintiffs allege that this safety measure failed. Such lawsuits, while not exactly common, are notable because they make headlines. Pressure cookers are, in general, safe to use. When they fail, the company that manufactured the pressure cooker is usually liable for the injuries it causes.

Pressure cooker explosion lawsuits 

Pressure cooker explosion lawsuits generally allege that the pressure cooker depressurized under unsafe conditions. This can include an explosion that occurs when the contents are under pressure or a safety device malfunction which allows the user to open the pot when the contents are still under pressure. When this happens, scalding hot liquids can be spewed from the pressure cooker causing severe burn injuries to anyone in the room. When this happens, the company that manufactured the pressure cooker is generally liable for the injuries.

Pressure cooker lawsuits are a type of product liability lawsuit. Companies that manufacture products for use by the general public are strictly liable when their product injures others. Plaintiffs in these lawsuits can make any of the three following allegations. Plaintiffs can claim that the pressure cooker was manufactured defectively and had an intrinsic defect that rendered it more dangerous than a standard pressure cooker. They can also allege that some manufacturing defect led to the failure of the safety device. Lastly, they can allege that a manufacturer failed to warn the public about a potentially dangerous use of the product. In the case mentioned above, the plaintiffs are alleging that the pressure cooker had a design flaw that rendered it innately dangerous to users. They also claim that the company failed to warn users about the potential dangers.

The plaintiffs in the case mentioned above are alleging that the company should have issued a recall for the dangerous pressure cookers. Their failure to issue a recall led to the injury of their daughter.

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