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Lawsuits Filed Against Kratom Manufacturers Allege Wrongful Death


The popular herbal supplement kratom is at the heart of several wrongful death lawsuits that have been filed across the country. The substance is distributed from head shops, kratom stores, and even in bars. Kratom is known to be an addictive substance that activates opioid receptors in the brain. It is widely used for individuals who are suffering from opioid withdrawal. However, it has become a recreational drug for some due to its euphoric effects.

In smaller doses, kratom appears to be relatively safe affording the user with mild opioid effects. In larger doses, however, it acts as a powerful sedative with effects similar to that of morphine. Those who take larger doses of kratom can overdose on the substance. This has spurred legislators to consider adding the substance to its list of controlled substances. However, legislators have yet to catch up with the craze surrounding the substance. Instead of legislation, grieving families have filed lawsuits against companies that manufacture the substance after the death of a loved one.

Understanding kratom wrongful death lawsuits

 The major problem with those that manufacture kratom is that they’re selling highly concentrated doses of the substance, in some cases, out of gas stations. They also fail to warn users about the addictive properties of the substance and how it can become addictive. In cases where a user of the substance dies, the lawsuits have favored plaintiffs in wrongful death lawsuits filed against manufacturers. One lawsuit in the state of Florida managed to recover a verdict in favor of the plaintiff for $2.5 million. Another jury in the state of Washington came back with a verdict of $11 million on behalf of a woman who died due to kratom overdose.

Amidst all these deaths is the fact that kratom is marketed as an herbal supplement that is safe to use. It may be safe to use in smaller doses, but some manufacturers are selling highly concentrated tinctures to Americans across the country where kratom is legal. Kratom is currently legal in Illinois for anyone over the age of 18. The law similarly mirrors the rules related to cigarette purchases.

In these successful lawsuits filed against kratom companies, plaintiffs have alleged that they were deceived into believing that the substance was safe for human consumption. Kratom is anything but.

Washington mother of 4 dies due to kratom poisoning 

In the case that resulted in an $11 million jury verdict, kratom was blamed for taking the life of a 39-year-old mother of 4 who collapsed in her kitchen while preparing breakfast for her family. A medical examiner attributed her death to acute kratom intoxication. In other words, she overdosed on a readily available herbal supplement that you can purchase online or at a local store.

As the deaths keep rolling in, more of these lawsuits are likely to be filed against kratom manufacturers.

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