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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Urbana White Collar Crime Lawyer

Urbana White Collar Crimes Lawyer

The term ‘white-collar crime’ is a broad one that the FBI defines as “cheating, stealing, and lying.” White-collar crimes do not generally involve force or violence. Instead, they are crimes of deception, and they generally occur within corporations and businesses.

Just because white-collar crimes are considered non-violent in nature, though, does not mean they are not serious. State and federal courts take white-collar crimes very seriously, and anyone convicted will face very harsh penalties under the law. An Urbana white-collar crimes lawyer can prepare a defense that can help you avoid these penalties.


Fraud is the bedrock of all white-collar crimes. Healthcare fraud, bank fraud, and securities fraud are just a few types of white-collar crimes. Advancements in technology over recent years have led to an increase in wire fraud, which is a fraudulent act that involves the use of a computer, phone, radio, fax machine, and even television. Mail fraud is similar to wire fraud, but with this offense, the fraudulent act is committed through a mail service, such as the United States Postal Service. These are just a few types of fraud that are considered white-collar crimes.


Embezzlement occurs when a person, usually a fiduciary, steals money or property that was entrusted to them and uses it for their own financial benefit. Fiduciaries are individuals who have a fiduciary relationship, or a legal relationship of trust, with the alleged victim. For example, a person may have control of a trust containing assets for minor children after a parent has died. If the individual used the assets in the trust for their own financial gain instead of holding it for the beneficiaries, that is an example of embezzlement.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is one of the most common types of white-collar crimes. Money laundering does not involve theft. Rather, money is obtained unlawfully and then placed in another location to make it appear as though the money was legally obtained.

In most money laundering schemes, a shell company is created. Unlawfully obtained funds are deposited into the shell company, which is often just a front for the money laundering scheme. Fraudulent receipts and invoices are then created by the shell company to make it seem as though the money was obtained legally. Sometimes, existing businesses are used as shell companies and run alongside money laundering schemes.

Our White Collar Crimes Lawyer in Urbana is Here to Help

White-collar crimes may not seem serious, but the penalties for those convicted are harsh and can include years in federal prison. At Patel Law, PC, our Urbana white-collar crimes lawyer can fight back against the charges so your charges are reduced to a lesser offense or dropped altogether. To obtain the best defense and get the sound legal advice you need, call us now at 217.384.1111, or reach out to us online to schedule a free case evaluation with our skilled attorney and learn more about how we can help.

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