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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Urbana Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Urbana Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents in Urbana, Illinois often result from collisions with automobiles, which can happen when drivers are negligent. In some cases, pedestrian accidents and injuries also result from hazardous property conditions that lead a pedestrian to slip, trip, or fall. If you or somebody you love sustained injuries in a pedestrian accident and you believe another party may be at fault, you should get in touch with an attorney who can evaluate your case and discuss your options for seeking financial compensation. Contact our experienced Urbana pedestrian accident lawyer for more information.

Get the Facts About Urbana Pedestrian Accidents

What should you know about pedestrian accidents? The following information comes from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Safety Council (NSC):

  • Nearly 8,000 pedestrian deaths occur every year in both traffic-related and non-traffic accidents;
  • About 7,000 pedestrians are killed every year in collisions with automobiles, which averages to approximately one pedestrian death every 75 minutes;
  • In 2020, one out of every six traffic fatalities was a pedestrian;
  • Approximately 104,000 pedestrians sustain injuries each year that are serious enough to require treatment in emergency departments;
  • Alcohol consumption is a factor in nearly 50 percent of all motor vehicle collisions in which a pedestrian is killed;
  • Pedestrians are more likely to be seriously injured or killed when motorists are traveling at higher speeds;
  • The highest rates of pedestrian accidents happen in urban areas and at night; and
  • Some pedestrians have higher risk factors for a serious accident, including adults aged 65 and over and younger kids.

Liability for an Urbana Pedestrian Accident

Liability for a pedestrian accident will depend upon how and where the accident occurred. In many motor vehicle collisions in which pedestrians are injured, the motorist is at fault. There are various ways in which a driver’s negligence can cause a collision with a pedestrian, including distracted or drunk driving, or aggressive driving. When pedestrian accidents happen because of dangerous conditions on the property that cause a slip and fall or a trip and fall, the owner or renter of the property may be liable.

In order to hold a liable party accountable for a pedestrian accident in Urbana, it is usually necessary to file a claim within two years from the date of the accident.

How to Protect Yourself From Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Urbana

Pedestrians may be able to take some steps to avoid an accident, such as:

  • Wearing clothes that are light-colored or brightly colored;
  • Wearing reflective material and/or carrying a flashlight while walking at night;
  • Crossing at a crosswalk or an intersection;
  • Only walking on a sidewalk when one exists;
  • Avoiding distractions like talking on a phone or listening to music; and
  • Never consume alcohol before you walk anywhere, recognizing that a high number of pedestrians who are injured and killed in collisions are intoxicated.

Contact Patel Law, PC

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, you could be eligible to file a claim for financial compensation. Contact an experienced Urbana pedestrian accident lawyer at Patel Law, PC for assistance.

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