Probation Violations

In some cases when an offender is convicted of a crime, they may be shown some leniency in the form of probation. Probation allows an individual to forego a jail or prison sentence in exchange for restricted and monitored behavior. The individual may be restricted to a certain geographic area during their probation, and they will be required to check in at regular intervals with a probation officer. They must obtain/maintain regular employment and not suffer any further criminal charges or convictions. Should they violate any of the terms of their probation, they could face further criminal procedures and penalties.

Criminal Procedure for Probation Violation

According to 730 ILCS 5/5-6-4, an individual charged with violating their probation will be served a notice of their charges by the County Clerk or by a Sheriff. They will either be placed on bail or detained until their hearing. If the hearing results in a conviction of probation violation, the offender could be sent back to jail or prison to serve the remainder of their original sentence, or they could face extended or additional penalties. If you have been placed on probation and have since been accused of violating said probation, do not hesitate to hire a Champaign criminal defense lawyer from Patel Law, PC.

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