Nursing Home Physical Abuse

Lawyers for Victims of Nursing Home Physical Abuse in Champaign

Physical abuse is one of the deadliest forms of abuse a person can face in a nursing home. It leads to injuries, depression, and many other serious medical conditions. Vulnerable residents in nursing homes face physical abuse more often than we would like to believe, and since they often cannot defend themselves, they suffer greatly as a result. Persistent or grievous physical abuse can cause death.

If your loved one is being abused physically in a nursing home, you need to stand up for their rights without delay. The experienced elder abuse attorneys at Patel Law, P.C. can help. Our lawyers can help you put an end to the physical abuse and ensure the perpetrator or the institution is held to account for the losses you and your loved one have suffered.

Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

Physical abuse in nursing homes is a common phenomenon across the country. One study found that physical abuse occurs in over 38% of nursing homes. If you suspect that your loved one in a nursing home is suffering from physical abuse, do not wait. Contact Patel Law, P.C. as soon as you can. Our lawyers will advise you on what steps to take to protect your loved one.

What are the Signs of Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes?

Before you can take legal action against a nursing home, you need to have some evidence of physical abuse. It can be difficult to rely on victim testimony to provide evidence because abused residents are often intimidated or threatened with serious retaliation if they speak up. Some of them are also physically unable to speak. That is why you need to act on their behalf. Be their advocate and look for evidence of physical abuse. Patel Law, P.C. lawyers can help with the investigation.

Some signs of physical assault include:

  • A staff member is reluctant to leave you alone with your loved one for fear they might report to you what is going on.
  • Your loved one is afraid to talk in the presence of particular staff.
  • Frequent unexplained injuries or falls.
  • Broken assistive devices like hearing aids, eyeglasses, or mobility aids.
  • Physical restraint signs, including rope marks, etc.
  • Welts, scars, or bruising in various healing stages.
  • Unexplained sprains, dislocations, or broken bones.
  • Dried or fresh blood stains on resident’s clothing or bedding.

You may not have the capacity to investigate whether or not your loved one is being mistreated in a nursing home. That is why you need the assistance of the elder abuse lawyers at Patel Law, P.C.. Just report to us what you have found out and leave the rest to us. We will work to bring justice to your loved one and pursue the compensation they deserve.

Who Can be Held Liable for Physical Abuse of Nursing Home Residents?

No nursing home resident should be subject to physical abuse in Champaign. The nursing facility is duty-bound to ensure all residents live in a safe and peaceful environment. According to Illinois law, a nursing home is legally liable for any abuse a resident faces while in the facility. The perpetrators of abuse can also be held individually liable.

A Patel Law, P.C. elder abuse attorney can act on your behalf or that of your loved one if the nursing home fails to:

  • Stop the abuse in question
  • Respond to complaints appropriately and promptly
  • Train their staff
  • Hire trained and competent staff
  • Supervise their staff
  • Conduct thorough background checks before hiring staff
  • Honestly address incidents of physical abuse

You have to stand up for your loved ones because they may be helpless to fight back against their abusers. Your loved one is entitled to some rights under state and federal laws. One of the rights that nursing home residents have is to be safe from abuse, whether physical, psychological, or mental. Physical abuses in nursing facilities are never excusable or acceptable.

Patel Law, P.C. Can Help

Physical abuse comes in many forms. Your loved one can be beaten, kicked, cut, burned, or hit with sharp or blunt objects. Some staff may expose them with chemicals. Injuries resulting from physical abuse will require medical treatment, which will increase the cost of keeping your loved one in these facilities. That is why you need our help. We will fight tooth and nail to pursue compensation for you. We will also make arrangements to transfer your loved one to a new nursing home if necessary.

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Injuries sustained from physical abuse can be fatal. That is why you need not wait any longer if you suspect that your loved one is being mistreated. Call or contact us right away for a free evaluation of your case. You must act before it is too late. It could be a matter of life and death.