Nursing Home Financial Exploitation

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Financial abuse is common in Illinois nursing homes, and it has far-reaching consequences. The effects are felt by the facility, the residents, their families, and the broader community. Elderly nursing home residents who are victims of financial exploitation are at risk of losing their life savings, their property, or even being forcefully discharged from their care facilities for non-payment.

If you or your loved one is a victim of financial exploitation in a nursing home, a Champaign nursing home exploitation attorney from Patel Law, P.C. can help. We have attorneys who are well versed in all nursing home regulations and laws, and we will help you pursue the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Financial Abuse in Champaign Nursing Homes

Data obtained from the National Council on Aging (NCA) shows that fraud and financial abuse cost the elderly in America a whopping $36 billion every year. In some nursing homes, employees take money from residents without their consent. Some also borrow money from the residents and fail to repay it. Another way of exploiting the residents is by overcharging for services then pocketing the extra cash.

While anyone can be exploited financially, elderly people are more vulnerable because they may already struggle with cognitive impairment, which makes it hard for them to detect financial scams or fraud. Some of them forget easily while others cannot make sound financial judgments. Examples of financial scams that target the elderly population include:

  • Accessing bank records and funds through the use of fraudulent signatures
  • Redirecting funds intended for bill payments for personal use
  • Coercing elderly individuals into amending their wills
  • Overcharging for medical services

If you feel that something is not right in regards to your elder loved one’s finances, then you need to take action. Make yourself familiar with the services your loved one is receiving and the standard charges for such services. You also need to check all their accounts and financial documents to ensure the signatures are authentic and the funds are all accounted for. Patel Law, P.C. can help you if you have any suspicions that your loved one is the victim of financial exploitation.

Signs of Financial Abuse in Champaign Nursing Homes

There are some red flags that will indicate that your loved one is being financially exploited in their nursing home. These could take the form of reports of missing credit cards or checkbooks or complaints that their property is being misused. With these reports, you can easily tell that someone is stealing from your relatives. If your loved one has cognitive impairment and cannot communicate or even notice that their credit cards/checkbooks are missing, then you  need to observe them carefully and make your own conclusion. For example, you may notice the following:

  • They start hiding their possessions or become secretive
  • There are some missing/replaced possessions in their apartment or room
  • Bank withdrawal slips
  • Unaccounted for or missing medication
  • Unexplained pharmacy or facility bills
  • Unexplained purchases made without being able to locate the physical items

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, do not take anything for granted. Seek answers and double-check all bills and payments made to ensure they are not only accurate but also genuine. Encourage your loved one to be open and honest is discussing their finances with you so that you can better keep track of potential exploitation.

Illinois Protects Your Loved One Against Financial Exploitation

The residents of a nursing home have their rights protected by federal and state laws. In case someone takes advantage of your loved one, you can take legal action to help hold the person accountable and recover the losses. The perpetrator of elder financial exploitation can be held individually liable, or the nursing facility itself can be charged. A Patel Law, P.C. attorney will advise you on the best course of action to take.

Patel Law, P.C. Can Help

According to the Nursing Home Care Act, IL residents are free to manage their monetary affairs, unless the money can be placed under an authorized guardianship with secure and adequate personal storage.

Under the APS (Adult Protective Services), nursing homes must report any suspected financial exploitation and other forms of abuse to the relevant authorities. Failure to do so can lead to serious legal consequences. Let our experts at Patel Law, P.C. help you through the legal process until you get the compensation your family needs to be made whole again.

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