Juvenile Crimes

Has your child been arrested? If so, it is important that you understand the consequences they may be facing, especially if they are not properly defended by a skilled Champaign criminal defense attorney. Juvenile offenders are not processed or tried the same way adults are.

In most cases, a juvenile is charged with a crime and sent home under supervision until their hearing. If the offense is more serious, they will be processed and detained in a juvenile detention facility instead of a county jail. Trials for juvenile cases are different, as well. The penalties for a conviction may be reduced and, if sentenced for their crime, an underage individual will be sent to a residential program or rehab center instead of jail or prison.

Juvenile offenders can still be tried as adults, however, if they have committed a grievous offense, such as:

In these cases, the prosecution requests for the child to be tried as an adult and the jury makes a decision to grant or deny the request. Whether or not your child is facing such a serious and terrifying possibility, it is your duty as the parent to ensure that your child's future is protected. Criminal charges can damage their reputation and respect, and a conviction could ruin their chances of finishing school or obtaining a decent career. Retain a capable defense lawyer immediately to fight their charges and obtain a dismissal as soon as possible.


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