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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Decatur Violent Crimes Lawyer

Decatur, Illinois Violent Crimes Lawyer

Many criminal offenses involve the use of violence or threats of violence. Such crimes often carry enhanced penalties under Illinois law. So if you are tried and convicted of a violent crime, you will likely face severe consequences in the form of jail time, large fines, and a felony record.

A qualified Decatur, Illinois violent crimes lawyer can represent you if you are facing serious charges involving assault and, sex crimes, theft, weapons offenses, or any other criminal offense involving the possible use of violence. At Patel Law, PC, we have handled many such cases from arraignment right up through a jury verdict. Criminal defense attorney Baku N. Patel and his team promise to provide skilled, professional representation as you face the full force of the legal system.

Overview of Violent Criminal Offenses in Illinois

Violent crimes encompass both misdemeanors and felonies in Illinois. Some of the more common violent crimes a person could be charged with include:

  • Battery – Intentionally causing bodily harm to another person without legal justification is considered battery under Illinois law. This means any form of unwanted physical contact can be charged as a crime. If the contact causes a severe bodily injury or permanent disability, or a firearm or other deadly weapon was involved, prosecutors can charge the defendant with the more serious offense of aggravated battery.

  • Assault – Even when there is no physical contact or direct injury, any conduct that places another person in reasonable fear of battery is criminal assault. Similar to aggravated battery, if a person threatens someone else with a deadly weapon, the charge could be elevated to aggravated assault.

  • Criminal Sexual Assault – Forcing another person to have sex against their will–or having sex with a person who is not legally able to give their consent–is classified as criminal sexual assault in Illinois. Once again, if a weapon is used or the victim belongs to a protected class, the charge may be increased to aggravated criminal sexual assault.

  • Armed Robbery – Robbery is when someone knowingly takes the property of another person by the use of or threat of imminent force. Aggravated robbery is a robbery where the defendant carried any type of weapon during the commission of the robbery, even if it was never used. Indeed, if the robber even suggests they have a weapon, that can still support an aggravated robbery conviction even if they never actually possessed a weapon during the commission of the crime.

Contact Patel Law Today

Even a misdemeanor violent crime conviction can carry jail time. And in the case of a felony conviction, you could be facing years–and perhaps decades–behind bars. That is why you need to take any criminal charges involving violent offenses exceptionally seriously. Your best chance at obtaining a favorable resolution for your case is to work with an experienced Decatur, Illinois violent crimes lawyer who can guide you through the process of defending yourself in court. Contact Patel Law, PC, today to schedule a free case evaluation with our team.

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