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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Decatur Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Decatur, Illinois Pedestrian Accidents Attorney

Though they may comprise a small percentage of the total traffic collisions that occur on Illinois roadways, pedestrian accidents are extreme in the disproportionate impact on victims. Data compiled by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IL DOT) indicates that there are almost 4,800 total crashes involving people on foot every year. More than 97 percent of them lead to death or harm to at least one person. Even if you realize you have rights under state law, you might not know where to begin with enforcing them.

You can count on Patel Law, PC to guide you through the legal process after a pedestrian accident. We are aggressive in negotiating a settlement, but we are ready to go to court as necessary to protect your interests. Please contact us to set up a complimentary consultation with a Decatur, Illinois pedestrian accidents attorney today. You might also benefit from reviewing some background information about the laws.

Driver Negligence Is Behind Pedestrian Collisions

The term is often used interchangeably with carelessness, but negligence has a specific meaning in the practice of law. Under this theory of liability, you must prove four essential elements:

1. The at-fault motorist had a duty to exercise reasonable care behind the wheel;

2. He or she breached this legal duty through unsafe driving;

3. The breach was the direct cause of the pedestrian accident in which you were injured; and,

4. You suffered losses because of being hurt.

Examples of driver negligence include speeding, drunk driving, running red lights, and distracted driving. However, Illinois follows the law of comparative negligence, which also looks at your own conduct in a pedestrian crash. If you were also negligent, such as by negligently jaywalking or crossing against a red light, your compensation could be reduced.

Types of Compensation for Injured Victims

Damages in a pedestrian accident case aim to cover the many losses you sustain after being hurt. Initially, you will file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to obtain compensation. You must sue in court if the insurer refuses to pay fair compensation. At Patel Law, PC, our Decatur, Illinois pedestrian accident lawyers will tackle all essential tasks through the legal process. We will fight to recover:

  • Economic Damages: This category of compensation includes tangible losses, such as medical costs, lost wages, and out-of-pocket costs of treatment.

  • Noneconomic Damages: Some losses cannot be quantified by dollar value, but you most certainly endure hardship and diminished quality of life. You may qualify to recover amounts for pain and suffering, emotional distress, scarring and disfigurement, and other noneconomic damages.

Speak to a Decatur, Illinois Pedestrian Accidents Attorney About Your Remedies

This overview of laws covering pedestrian crashes is useful, but you need experienced representation to assist with a real-life case. Patel Law, PC is dedicated to helping victims navigate the legal process and obtain fair damages for their losses. Please contact us to schedule a free case assessment today. An Illinois pedestrian accident lawyer will provide custom-tailored advice after reviewing your case.

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