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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Decatur Internet Crimes Lawyer

Decatur, Illinois Internet Crimes Lawyer

The 21st century has seen a new wave of criminal activity based on the Internet. While these so-called cybercrimes are no different than traditional criminal activity in most respects, they do tend to draw special attention from state and federal prosecutors. This means that if you are suspected of–or charged with–an internet-related crime, you need to take the matter extremely seriously.

A Decatur, Illinois internet crimes lawyer can advise and represent you throughout the criminal justice process. If this is your first time under investigation or on trial, the legal system can seem scary and overwhelming. The team at Patel Law, PC, can offer more than a helping hand: We offer skilled legal representation and advocacy. We know that an internet crime conviction can devastate you and your family, which is why we will make every effort to obtain a favorable resolution to your case.

Common Internet Crimes in Illinois

Technically speaking, there is no specific “internet crime.” Rather, there are a number of common criminal offenses where the internet has played a role in committing an alleged offense. Prosecutors often attach the label “internet crime” or “cybercrime” to make a charge seem scarier to the public. But in truth, many of these allegations simply represent varieties of alleged criminal fraud.

Some of the more common internet crimes we assist clients with include:

  • Computer Hacking. Again, “hacking” is a popular term that broadly describes a lot of potential conduct, much of it quite legal. But a person can be charged with a crime if they knowingly access a computer system without authorization or they exceed their authorized access.

  • Identity Theft. A person who uses the internet to knowingly acquire, possess, or use someone else’s personal identification or identifying information without authorization can be charged with felony identity theft under federal law.

  • Financial Fraud. Similar to identity theft, it is illegal for anyone to use–or even attempt to use–someone else’s credit card or financial account information to obtain money, goods, or services.

  • Sex Crimes. Today, most federal sex crime cases involve some use of the internet. This includes the production, distribution, or possession of child pornography, as well as the sexual trafficking of individuals. A person can also be charged with a federal crime for soliciting a minor for sexual purposes via the internet.

Internet crime prosecutions often involve a litany of charges. In addition to the underlying offense, a defendant might be charged with bank or wire fraud if they allegedly used the internet to transfer funds, as well as conspiracy if other people may have been involved in the illegal activity.

Contact Patel Law Today

There are many possible defenses a person may have if they are the target of an internet crimes investigation. Sometimes a person is wrongfully identified and may themselves be a victim of an internet crime. In other cases, law enforcement may have overstepped their bounds and violated a suspect’s constitutional rights. And there are many situations where the government simply cannot prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

So if you are facing prosecution and need legal advice from a skilled Decatur, Illinois internet crimes attorney, contact Patel Law, PC, today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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