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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Decatur Bank & Wire Fraud Lawyer

Decatur, Illinois Bank and Wire Fraud Lawyer

Oftentimes, criminal activity involves some movement of money or other assets across state lines. This can lead to federal bank and wire fraud charges. Prosecutors love to bring such cases because not only do the suspects face possible jail time but also the forfeiture of any “criminal proceeds” to the government.

When an FBI agent or United States Attorney starts waving such potential charges at you, it is important to understand these are not idle threats. You need to speak with an experienced Decatur, Illinois bank and wire fraud lawyer as soon as possible. At Patel Law, PC, attorney Baku N. Patel is a former prosecutor and public defender who understands the severity of these charges and will make every effort to provide you with an aggressive defense.

Wire Fraud Is a Broad Criminal Charge

The term “wire fraud” may sound outdated, but it broadly refers to the use of any means of interstate communication to obtain money or property by fraud or other false representation or false promise. You can be charged with wire fraud if you are accused of using any of the following to facilitate any type of financial crime:

  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • Telephone call
  • Text message
  • Websites
  • Television or radio advertising

In short, the “wire” in wire fraud means any method of telecommunications, even when there are technically no wires involved. Furthermore, bank and wire fraud do not require any actual transfer of money to constitute a crime. Put another way, wire fraud is illegal even if it is ultimately unsuccessful. The act of using a means of telecommunication with the intent of committing fraud is sufficient proof of guilt.

As you can see, bank and wire fraud encompasses a wide range of possible illegal activities. And the penalties are stiff. A federal wire fraud conviction carries a maximum possible sentence of three years in prison, a $250,000 fine, three years of supervised release (probation), and an order to pay restitution to any victims of the fraudulent scheme. And in cases involving bank fraud–i.e., wire fraud committed against a financial institution–those maximums increase to 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine.

A federal bank or wire fraud conviction also carries many potential collateral consequences, such as a lifetime ban on possessing a firearm, revocation or suspension of any professional licenses that you hold, and even adverse immigration consequences if you are not a United States citizen. The government can also seek forfeiture–i.e., seizure–of all of your personal assets.

Contact Attorney Baku N. Patel Today

When a federal prosecutor initiates a wire fraud case, they mean business. This is not the sort of charge you can simply talk your way out of on your own. You need to work with a skilled Decatur, Illinois bank and wire fraud lawyer who understands these areas of the law. Contact Patel Law, PC, today to schedule a free case evaluation with criminal defense attorney Baku N. Patel and his team.

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