Criminal Defense Case Results

Criminal Defense Case Results

Criminal Defense Case Results – Mr. Patel has successfully handled tens of thousands of criminal cases. He has also tried over 100 criminal jury trials to verdict. The following is a brief list of some of Mr. Patel’s recent successes in defending the rights of those charged with a criminal offense. Although he cannot guarantee any particular outcome, the following case results illustrates Mr. Patel’s ability, knowledge, and experience in aggressively defending his client’s interest.

Aggravated Battery Causing Great Bodily Harm: A 22-year-old, while under the influence of alcohol, caused havoc on the University of Illinois campus on one particular evening. He physically battered several students with one requiring surgery to repair two facial fractures resulting in the insertion of metal plates. While he was awaiting trial on this case, the client committed another Aggravated Battery in another county. Understandably, the State demanded a prison sentence, but after a very well-prepared and aggressive sentencing presentation to the Court, the Judge sentenced him to Probation and no prison or even jail. Obviously, the client and his entire family were extremely grateful to Mr. Patel for his impassioned representation of him during the case. (September 2021)

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Criminal Sexual Assault:   Mr. Patel’s 19-year old client was accused of rape. He was facing a mandatory prison sentence of up to 15 years and would have to serve 85% of any sentence imposed. After a 3-day jury trial, his client was found NOT GUILTY by the jury in less than 90 minutes. The case carried significant publicity in the area and nearly the entire prosecutor’s office sat in on the trial and verdict. Even though Mr. Patel has tried almost 200 jury trials, this one was particularly emotional. After the Not Guilty verdict was read by the judge, his client literally fell into his arms sobbing and saying “thank you” over and over again. Mr. Patel truly believed in his client’s innocence and spent countless number of hours and sleepless nights preparing for trial. After trial, numerous employees of the prosecutor’s office, the investigators in the case, public defenders who attended the trial, the sheriff deputies in the courtroom and even the judge all commended Mr. Patel for his exceptional performance at trial. (April 2021)

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Home Invasion and Weapon Possession:   Client was accused of home invasion where several firearms were stolen from the residence. He was charged with two (2) Class X felonies each carrying a mandatory prison term of 6 to 30 years. After Mr. Patel conducted his own, independent investigation into the case, he discovered that the co-defendant was considerably more culpable for organizing the home invasion. He successfully negotiated a significant reduction of the charges and an agreed term of probation, no jail or prison. The State initially demanded his client testify against the co-defendant, however Mr. Patel was insistent that he would not put his client in that position and rejected their request. However, concerned a jury may not convict his client of the more serious charges at trial, the State agreed to all of Mr. Patel’s plea terms for straight probation and nothing else. (March 2021)

Aggravated Battery to Peace Officer (2x), Aggravated Battery to Child (1x), Methamphetamine Possession (2x), Aggravated DUI’s (2x):   Mr. Patel’s client was charged with seven (7) felony crimes and facing a up to 41 years in prison since each case was mandatory consecutive. After assisting his client to enter the residential drug abuse program and setting her up with mental health counseling, he successfully convinced the State to drop 6 felony cases and his client pled guilty to a single count for probation, not a single day in jail or prison. Her family was extremely appreciative that he avoided incarceration for her. Mitigation is a critical component of criminal defense and Mr. Patel’s extensive connections with community resources helped his client immensely. (February 2021)

Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver:   The FBI, Homeland Security and U.S. Postal Service tracked a box that originated from California to his client’s residence. When his client took possession of the box, the FBI and Homeland Security executed an anticipatory search warrant and located the open box on the client’s dinner table. Inside the box, agents retrieved 256 ecstasy pills. The charge is labeled in Illinois criminal statutes as a “Super X”. His client was facing a mandatory prison sentence of 9 to 40 years and would have to serve 75% of the sentence. After discovering some legal flaws in the search warrant, Mr. Patel got the Super X charges dismissed and the client pled guilty to simple possession of a controlled substance for probation. His client was only 18 years old and his parents were so pleased they wrote a note thanking him for “saving their son’s life.” (February 2021)

Armed Habitual Criminal:  During the execution of a search warrant of Mr. Patel’s client’s residence, two firearms were located in his house. Prior to retaining Mr. Patel, his client had met with other private defense lawyers who all told him he would be sentenced to prison since the search warrant appeared valid. However, Mr. Patel believed there were many issues with how the officers obtained the warrant, particularly problems with the manner of the investigation. Due to his client’s prior criminal history, he was facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 to 30 years in prison. After arguing a lengthy motion to quash the search warrant and suppress all evidence, Mr. Patel learned from his aggressive cross examination of the investigators a potential suspect that he could target for leaving those firearms in his client’s residence. Mr. Patel demanded trial and the State dismissed all charges because of Mr. Patel’s vigorous and successful defense of his client.(January 2021)

Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse:  This was one of the most tragic circumstances Mr. Patel has seen a client have to endure due to poor legal advice. Client hired another defense attorney who convinced him and his family that he had no defense and to plead guilty to a felony sex crime. In addition to being a convicted felon for life, he would also be labeled a sex offender as well for the rest of his life. He was only 26 years old. Luckily, the client and his family thought something was not right. They sought a 2nd opinion with Mr. Patel to get his thoughts. Mr. Patel proceeded to immediately file a motion to withdraw his guilty plea. Even though those are rarely granted, he thoroughly cross examined the former attorney and convinced the Judge that he received very poor legal advice. The Judge granted the motion and allowed the client to withdraw his plea and set the case for trial. Mr. Patel aggressively investigated and defended the client at trial. After a 3-day jury trial, the client was found NOT GUILTY. The client went from a convicted felony sex offender to being found totally innocent merely by getting Mr. Patel to take the case. His record is expunged. (September 2020)

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Home Invasion:  Mr. Patel was retained to defend a client who was accused of unlawfully entering the residence of a former acquaintance while armed with an aluminum baseball bat.  Inside the residence, he was accused of attacking the man with the bat, striking him several time in the head resulting in serious injuries.  If convicted, the client was facing a mandatory prison sentence of 6 to 30 years.  After presenting the State with evidence about the prior history between the men and that his client was under the influence of alcohol, the State agreed to substantially reduce the charge to Aggravated Battery and Mr. Patel further got the State to agree to his request for 24 months probation with absolutely no jail time.  The client and his family were obviously very relieved and appreciative of Mr. Patel’s aggressive efforts. (July 2020)

Unlawful Possession of a Weapon: In January 2019, Mr. Patel defended a client accused of 2 counts of Unlawful Possession of a Weapon by a Felon While On Parole. He was facing a mandatory prison sentence of up to 14 years on each count. The Client had previously retained two prior private attorneys who were each pushing him to take a plea deal. The client was adamant he did not want to plead guilty and retained Mr. Patel to fight for his rights. However, due to the age of the case, the trial judge specifically noted no further continuances would be permitted and that Mr. Patel shall be ready for trial in 2-months. Due to his extensive criminal defense jury trial experience, he agreed to take on the case and entered his appearance knowing he would be absolutely ready for trial. The case was tried before a jury resulting in a Not Guilty verdict on both firearm counts. His aggressive cross examination of the police officers, in-depth knowledge of DNA evidence, and passionate closing argument proved vital in achieving an acquittal.(January 2019)

Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child: In October 2018, Mr. Patel defended a client accused of two counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child. Each charge carried a mandatory, consecutive prison sentence, if convicted, of up to 60 years. Therefore, the client was facing potentially 120 years in prison. After a lengthy jury trial, Mr. Patel achieved a Not Guilty verdict on all counts. The trial judge specifically commented on Mr. Patel’s skilled representation of his client during the trial. Mr. Patel’s experience, dedication and tenacity saved his client from an extremely lengthy prison sentence with the acquittal of all charges. (October 2018)

Sexual Assault Case: Client was charged with a sexual assault of a minor. He was facing a mandatory prison sentence of up to 30 years. After Mr. Patel’s thorough preparation for trial and filing numerous pretrial motions, the State dismissed all charges. (Summer 2016)

Sexual Assault Case: After a 3-day jury trial on a very highly publicized sexual assault case that occurred on campus, the jury found our client Not Guilty of all charges. Lead counsel Baku Patel tirelessly investigated all aspects of the case and utilized his extensive knowledge in the area of forensic science to vigorously defend his client resulting in an acquittal which garnered substantial press. (Fall 2015)

Multiple Violent Felonies: Client was charged with numerous Class X violent felonies where he was facing a mandatory prison sentence ranging from 6 to 30 years. After a thorough investigation and shortly before trial, the State succumbed to Mr. Patel’s demands for a substantial reduction of charges and to guaranteed probation. (Fall 2015)

Possession of a Weapon by a Felon: The State accused Mr. Patel’s client of Possession of a Weapon by a Felon for possessing a handgun in a public park. The charge carries a mandatory prison sentence of 3 to 14 years (due to his client’s substantial prior record). The State’s case was based on the eyewitness testimony of a police officer who claims to have seen Mr. Patel’s client in possession of a semi-automatic and place it under a park bench where officers later recovered it. Mr. Patel’s in-depth and exhaustive cross-examination of the police officer revealed several inconsistencies and contradictions regarding ability to observe what he had testified to. The jury found his client Not Guilty. (Summer 2015)

Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child: Mr. Patel and his associates successfully defended a step-father accused of multiple counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child (mandatory prison sentence of 6 to 60 years at 85%). The trial took several days resulting in Not Guilty verdicts on all charges. Of particular note, Mr. Patel thoroughly but respectfully cross-examined the minor victim eliciting several inconsistent statements to discredited her testimony that he was able to effectively summarize in closing arguments resulting in an acquittal within 45 minutes. (Spring 2015)

Attempted Murder and Home Invasion: Client was charged with breaking into the house of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend and shooting him multiple times. He was facing a sentencing range of 21 – 45 years in prison if convicted. Mr. Patel tried the case to verdict and after a one-week long jury trial, the jury found the client Not Guilty of all charges. (Fall 2014)

Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child: After a 5-day jury trial, the client was found Not Guilty. He was facing up to 30 years in prison if convicted. (Fall 2014)

Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer: Even though the case involved allegations from a police officer, after discrediting the officer on the stand, the jury found the client Not Guilty of all charges. (Fall 2014)

Sexual Assault and Aggravated Battery Charges: U of I student was charged with multiple felonies including criminal sexual assault and aggravated battery to a police officer. All felony charges were dismissed. (Fall 2013)

Home Invasion Charges: Client charged with home invasion with firearms which carried mandatory minimum sentence of 21 years in prison. The State dismissed all charges right before jury selection. (Fall 2013)

Sexual Assault of a Child Charges: Not Guilty at a 5-day long jury trial of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child which carried up to 30 years in prison. (Spring 2013)

Aggravated DUI Charges: Client charged with Aggravated DUI who was a pilot was found Not Guilty after a jury trial by exposing the officer as untruthful at cross examination and presentation of an expert witness to rebut the officer’s claim of impairment.

Aggravated Battery Charges: Client accused of Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer was found Not Guilty at a jury trial.

Murder Charges: Recently, Mr. Patel defended a client charged with first degree murder, 3 months after the client had served a 20 year sentence for another murder. The State was seeking the death penalty due to his violent record. Mr. Patel assembled a team of investigators, crime scene experts, and mitigation specialists in his effort to provide a complete “team defense”. As part of his trial preparation, he actually conducted a mock trial of the case from start to finish. On the first day of jury trial, the State succumbed and offered a significantly reduced charged resulting in the client’s release from custody after only a few months of incarceration.

Murder Charges: After a presenting the results of a thorough investigation, including locating witnesses that law enforcement failed to identify, Mr. Patel convinced the prosecutor to dismiss all first degree murder charges.

Drug/Narcotic Charges: A client was charged with possession with the intent to distribute 20 pounds of cannabis which was tracked by federal authorities via the US Mail. After filing numerous motions, Mr. Patel negotiated a term of probation with no jail or prison time at all as part of his sentence, even though the client had a lengthy criminal drug record.

Drug/Narcotic Charges: After a traffic stop, the police seized a large quantity of cocaine. The client was then charged with possession with the intent to distribute and was facing a mandatory prison sentence of up to 60 years. Mr. Patel filed and successfully argued a motion to suppress the evidence, resulting in the case being dismissed.

Drug/Narcotic Charges: Mr. Patel successfully convinced the court after filing several motions to suppress evidence and exclude from trial over 6 ounces of cocaine base (crack) due to an illegal search and seizure of the client’s residence. All charges were then dismissed.

Drug/Narcotic Charges: A client’s drug charges, in which she was facing up to 30 years in prison, were dismissed after Mr. Patel argued that the police violated her rights in searching her car without a warrant.

Sexual Assault Charges: Charges of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault, where client was facing up to 30 years in prison, were dismissed after aggressively defending client to trial.

Sexual Assault Charges: Client was found Not Guilty after a 4 day jury trial of Criminal Sexual Assault. The jury deliberated for less than 30 minutes. Mr. Patel successfully presented a defense of consent.

Aggravated Battery Charges: After a 3 day jury trial, client was found Not Guilty of Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer.

Aggravated Battery Charges: All charges dismissed for client who was a University of Illinois student charged with Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer.

DUI Charges: A client was charged with his 2nd DUI. After preparing case for trial, all charges were eventually dismissed and his driver’s license was reinstated.

DUI Charges: Client was charged with a felony DUI facing prison time. As a result of diligent negotiations, charges were reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail time.

Federal Criminal Case: Client was facing a mandatory life sentence for Narcotic Trafficking charges. After providing a vigorous defense, the client received the lowest sentence the federal judge has ever given for such charges.

Federal Criminal Case: Mr. Patel represented a client charged with illegally dumping of chemical waste when he was a foreman at a chemical plant. Mr. Patel was able to get the United States Attorney’s office to agree to a term of probation with no jail or prison time. The client was the only one of the numerous co-defendants to receive probation.

Federal Criminal Case: Defended a client charged with several securities fraud violations involving a Ponzi scheme of over seven million dollar ($7,000,000). The case involved tens of thousands of pages of evidence. After aggressively defending the client, the federal judge sentenced him to short time in a federal work camp.

Federal Criminal Case: Mr. Patel represented a client charged along with many other defendants as part of a conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud. The indictment alleged over five million dollars ($5,000,000) of real estate transactions were closed with fraudulent bank documents. The client was the owner and president of a mortgage company. Criminal Defense Case Results Not only did Mr. Patel successfully achieve the lowest sentence of all those charged, but the client was sentenced to a federal work camp avoiding hard prison time all together.

Federal Crime Case: Due to Mr. Patel’s prior experience as a former U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General and federal prosecutor, he is routinely hired to represent those accused of federal Criminal Defense Case Results crimes. Very few defense attorneys have the experience and knowledge to handle such serious federal cases. Mr. Patel’s client was charged with a string of robberies along with three others. This was a highly publicized Criminal Defense Case Results case. The Government claimed that Mr. Patel’s client should be sentenced as an Armed Career Criminal and face a minimum of 15 years to a maximum life in prison. However, after filing a lengthy brief to the court arguing against such a sentence due to some issues regarding his prior record, and limited involvement and knowledge of certain facts in the case, the Court sentenced him to 60 months. With time served and good time credits, his client will be released in less than 2 years. His client still writes to thank him for saving him from a lengthy prison sentence Criminal Defense Case Results.

July 2019: Aggravated Battery Charges: Client was accused of Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer by striking the officer with his car and then fled the scene in a high speed chase. He was arrested and bonded out. Shortly after, he was arrested again for criminal sexual abuse Criminal Defense Case Results. Mr. Patel was retained by his family. Due to his extensive experience in defending those accused of crimes for the past 26 years, he immediately knew that his client suffered from a mental health issue. He secured an expert who opined that he suffered from a mental disease and successfully tried the case to a Judge who found him Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. An insanity defense is tried in 1% of all criminal trials in the country with only a 25% success rate in those limited Criminal Defense Case Results cases. Mr. Patel’s efforts and experience saved his client years of prison and he is now getting the help he needs Criminal Defense Case Results.

July 2019: Drug Possession/ Super X Charges: Mr. Patel defended a client accused of possessing more than 200 grams of methamphetamine which is a “Super X” charge that carries a mandatory prison sentence of 9 to 40 years in prison. After filing several motions and investigating the background of the informant, the State dropped the charge and allowed him to plead to a lower charge for only 120-days of boot camp. Criminal Defense Case Results The client’s family expressed the deepest appreciation for “saving their son’s life”.

August 2019: Aggravated Battery Charges: Client was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery – Strangulation which carries a mandatory Department of Corrections sentence of at least 3 to 7 years in prison to be served at 85%. Criminal Defense Case Results – The offer was plead to the maximum due to the victim’s claims of injuries. However, Mr. Patel was able to identify many contradictions in the victim’s statements through an extensive investigation of the scene, Criminal Defense Case Results identifying social media posts that raised doubt of her claims, and issues in the medical records. Mr. Patel set the matter for a jury trial, however on the eve of jury selection the State dismissed all charges.