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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Champaign County White Collar Crime Lawyer

Champaign County White Collar Crime Lawyer

White-collar crimes are usually non-violent offenses committed with financial gain in mind. Many professionals and executives get charged with white-collar crimes for offenses committed in the workplace, but the reality is that anyone could face these criminal charges. These offenses carry the same stiff penalties as other, more violent crimes. In fact, it’s not unusual to end up behind bars with hardened criminals if you are convicted.

Anyone accused of a white-collar crime should contact Patel Law, PC. As with all crimes, defendants need a committed advocate in their corner who has their best interests at heart. Police will often try to gain access to your phone, computer, or workplace files to help them find incriminating evidence. Never immediately grant permission to perform a search. Instead, call one of our Champaign County white collar crimes lawyers to represent you.

We Defend Anyone Accused of a White Collar Crime

Our legal team has the skills to defend anyone under investigation for a white-collar offense, including:

  • Securities fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Real estate fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering
  • Identity theft
  • Internet crimes
  • Mortgage fraud
  • RICO and enterprise corruption
  • Tax fraud
  • Perjury

These cases often require detailed investigations into all aspects of your professional life. Many business executives will soon find themselves consumed with managing invasive requests for personal documents or face-to-face interviews. Investigators have huge teams to pore through all email communications you have made, and they aren’t afraid to request excessive amounts of information.

The best defense is to lawyer up and not say anything. We can fight off burdensome and overbroad discovery requests, all the while working to protect your reputation. One accusation of criminal activity can stain even the most spotless reputation.

Each case is unique. However, we often end up defending our clients by focusing on whether they had the necessary intent to commit an offense. Documentary evidence often tells two different stories, and we will make sure your version is heard. In addition to fighting burdensome discovery, we can negotiate with prosecutors to drop or reduce charges, or we can fight for your innocence in court before a jury of your peers.

Contact Patel Law Today

Our white-collar defendants often require unique defense strategies. In addition to defending your freedom, we might also need to perform an internal investigation to really understand what happened at your business. It might be that someone else in the organization committed these crimes. The sooner we can get started reviewing the evidence, the more effective we will be.

Please contact one of our Champaign County, Illinois white collar crime attorneys. We offer confidential consultations to learn more about the accusations or charges you face. We can also quickly begin protecting evidence so it is not accidentally destroyed or tampered with. In addition to prosecuting you for the offenses listed above, both state and federal prosecutors can tack on obstruction of justice or evidence tampering charges. Defend yourself the right way by contacting Patel Law as soon as possible.

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