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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Champaign County Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Champaign County Rideshare Accidents Lawyer

Uber and Lyft have been around in the Chicago area for the past decade. These rideshare companies have become multi-billion-dollar corporations and for good reason. Uber and Lyft provide a convenient service for residents who don’t own a vehicle, whether they can’t afford to do so or simply don’t want to.

Many people trust rideshare drivers to get them from place to place safely. And most of the time, they do. However, just like any other motorist, rideshare drivers can be unsafe. They may engage in negligent or reckless behaviors that can result in accidents.

An accident can result in serious injuries. Plus, you may be confused about the process when an Uber or Lyft driver is involved. Get the help you need from a Champaign County rideshare accident lawyer from Patel Law, PC.

Rideshare Insurance Coverage

If you are involved in an accident while in a rideshare vehicle, you might wonder what kind of coverage is available. Both Uber and Lyft offer the following various forms of insurance based on the driver’s status:

  • Offline/app is off. The driver’s personal insurance applies. The driver should carry the minimum amount of liability insurance, which includes $25,000 per person for bodily injury, $50,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $20,000 for property damage.

  • Available/waiting for a ride request. Uber and Lyft provide coverage in the amounts of $25,000 in property damage per accident, $50,000 in bodily injury per person, and $100,000 in bodily injury per accident.

  • Picking up drivers/on a trip. Uber and Lyft provide coverage that includes $1 million in third-party liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury, and comprehensive and collision coverage.

Dangers of Rideshare Drivers

People find ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft to be more user-friendly and affordable than taxis. However, there are still many risks to using rideshare vehicles. Besides car accidents, there are also risks of theft and assault, including sexual assault.

However, accidents appear to be the most common danger. One of the most common causes of Uber and Lyft accidents is fatigue. Drivers often work long or late hours, leading to exhaustion. This results in a lack of judgment, slow reaction times, and reduced situational awareness, making accidents more likely to occur.

Many rideshare drivers also speed to maximize their business. Distractions are also common, as drivers constantly check the ridesharing app on their cell phones to see if they have customers. Intoxication is also a factor. Some drivers might even be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving customers.

Contact Patel Law, PC Today

Ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft can be convenient for those who have no means of transportation, but they come with risks. These drivers can still get into crashes and be negligent.

After an accident, though, the process for recovering compensation can be confusing, as you’re dealing with a corporation. A Champaign County rideshare accidents lawyer from Patel Law, PC has the experience to guide you through the process. Fill out the online form or call (217) 384-1111 to schedule a consultation.

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