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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Champaign County Internet Crimes Lawyer

Champaign County Internet Crimes Lawyer

With the rise of the internet, more people are banking, seeking romantic partners, and performing business transactions entirely online. As a result, more and more crimes are committed on the internet, as well. Although some people describe the internet as the “Wild West,” the reality is that police aggressively monitor and prosecute illegal online activity.

Patel Law, PC is at the forefront of protecting those accused of internet crimes. Whether you are accused of fraud, phishing, or soliciting a minor, we can help defend you. Contact our Champaign County internet crimes lawyer today to find out more.

What Are Examples of Internet Crimes?

Almost any crime committed in the real world can be committed online. However, police tend to focus on the following crimes:

  • Identity theft—Thieves steal a person’s identifying information, like their Social Security Number (SSN), and take out credit cards or open bank accounts in someone else’s name.
  • Phishing scams—Scammers send an email pretending to be a legitimate business. The goal is to get the recipient to turn over personal information like their birthdate or SSN.
  • Credit card theft—It is illegal to log onto someone’s bank account without authorization. Defendants commit a theft when they use card information illegally.
  • Indecent solicitation of a minor—Undercover cops hang out in chat rooms pretending to be minors looking for sex. Anyone who tries to schedule a meeting with the decoy is in for a big surprise.
  • Child pornography—The internet has made it easier to send and download illegal pornographic images of minors. With one click of a mouse, people can download thousands of images from the dark web.
  • Prostitution—Some pimps are using the internet to connect with potential clients.
  • Online harassment or cyberstalking—Sending repeated bullying emails or harassing social media posts can get you arrested.

Police are most eager to get ahold of your cell phone and/or computer, which contain vital information. The last thing you should do is turn them over voluntarily. Instead, make the authorities obtain a search warrant if they want to pore over the contents.

Similarly, you should never voluntarily give statements without meeting with an attorney first. Your attorney can help get a handle on the facts and determine the best defense. Sometimes, we might argue that someone else accessed your phone or computer and they are the real culprit. In other cases, we can argue you did not technically commit a crime—such as when chatting with a person posing as a minor online.

Internet Crimes Deserve a Strong Defense

Patel Law, PC is committed to seeking justice for those wrongfully accused of internet crimes. Remember that an arrest is not a conviction, and there are many ways to fight back against these charges. The internet has made much more information available to prosecutors, but they still must prove you guilty of a charge beyond a reasonable doubt.

Contact Patel Law, PC Today

Please contact our Champaign County, Illinois internet crimes lawyer for more information and to set up a consultation.

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