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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Champaign County Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Champaign County Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

A conspiracy is an agreement between at least two people to commit a crime. When it comes to drug conspiracies, hundreds of people can be involved in the manufacture, distribution, or possession of illegal drugs. And pharmacies are often caught in the crosshairs.

Defendants can face drug conspiracy charges at either the federal or state level. If the Drug Enforcement Administration or the police contact you, you need an experienced attorney to represent you. At Patel Law, PC, our Champaign County drug conspiracy lawyer can protect your rights to a fair trial.

Why You Must Respond to Conspiracy Allegations

Conspiracy is one of the hardest offenses to defend against. First, there is no requirement that you go through with the conspiracy. Simply agreeing to and taking a step in that direction is enough for a conviction. Second, if convicted, you can be punished as if you personally committed the offense. For these reasons, those facing conspiracy accusations must defend themselves vigorously.

We can help anyone facing drug conspiracy charges:

  • Doctors accused of writing large numbers of unnecessary prescriptions
  • Pharmacists accused of running a “pill mill” to manufacture and distribute drugs
  • Small-time dealers accused of conspiring to sell or distribute street drugs
  • Drug kingpins accused of running wide-scale drug trafficking operations

Anyone facing allegations should hire a criminal defense attorney who understands how conspiracy charges work. Without a solid understanding of the law, you cannot successfully defend yourself.

The best defense to bring will hinge on the facts of the case. However, we usually argue that no conspiracy exists. This means that you didn’t have an agreement with another person to violate state or federal drug laws. The fact that another defendant thought you were agreeing to distribute or sell drugs doesn’t mean you actually reached an agreement.

In other cases, we might argue you never took any step to go through with the conspiracy, which is sometimes required for a conviction. Or we could argue you disavowed the conspiracy and affirmatively refused to go along.

Sometimes, undercover DEA agents cook up a drug conspiracy and try to bully people into going along. For all intents and purposes, the conspiracy is the invention of undercover agents. Entrapment might be a defense in this situation, where undercover cops step out of bounds.

Drug conspiracy cases can be as small as two people reaching an agreement to sell cocaine or as large as pill mills that employ dozens of people to manufacture and sell meth. Many innocent people are arrested when they don’t know what is going on. You shouldn’t face a criminal conviction when there is no solid evidence that you knowingly participated in a criminal scheme.

An Attorney With Drug Conspiracy Experience is Essential

Patel Law, PC has defended many people accused of drug crimes, including drug conspiracy. If you contact us today, our Champaign County, Illinois drug conspiracy lawyer will review the facts as known and determine your best defenses. Call or send an online message to schedule a consultation.

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