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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Champaign County Dog Bite Lawyer

Champaign County Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but they’re not so friendly when they attack. A dog bite can cause puncture wounds, broken bones, head injuries, scars, and disfigurement. It can also cause rabies and other serious infections.

Dealing with the aftermath of a dog attack can be challenging. You may be dealing with extensive medical bills. You may have to miss work or school. You may have physical scars as well as emotional trauma from the event.

If your injuries were caused by someone else’s dog, you might be able to recover compensation for your damages. Contact a Champaign County dog bite lawyer from Patel Law, PC right away. We will investigate the incident and prepare your case thoroughly so you get the results and compensation you need.

What the Law Says

Each state has different laws when it comes to dog bites, but generally, there are two main laws. Some states have a “one bite” law, which means that dogs essentially get a free bite before the owners are held liable for any injuries. This is because it must be proven that the dog is aggressive or has a background of vicious behavior.

Then there are states that follow strict liability laws. Under these laws, the dog bite victim must prove that the dog bit them and caused their injuries. The victim does not need to prove negligence or a history of vicious behavior.

Illinois operates under strict liability laws, so even if this is the first time your dog has bitten someone, you can be held liable for the victim’s injuries. Under state law, the dog owner is liable for all the dog bite victim’s injuries if their dog attacks or injures any person who has the legal right to be on the property where the attack occurred and did not provoke the dog in any way.

State law allows for financial recovery for any type of dog attack. What this means is that if you were pushed down or scratched, but not bitten, you might still have a viable personal injury claim.

Also, the actual owner of the dog might not always be liable. For example, if a dog walker was walking the dog or a neighbor was watching the dog at the time of the attack, they could be sued for damages in the event of an attack. Keep in mind you have two years to file a claim for compensation for injuries caused by a dog attack.

Some areas, such as Chicago, have additional laws regarding dog handling. As a dog owner, it’s important that you understand the laws you must follow.

Contact Patel Law, PC Today

Dog bites can be serious issues. A person can suffer extreme physical and emotional trauma from a dog attack.

A Champaign County dog bite lawyer from Patel Law, PC can help you understand the laws and determine liability. Get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with our office by filling out the online form or calling (217) 384-1111.

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