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Illinois Personal Injury & Criminal Defense / Champaign County Burn Injury Lawyer

Champaign County Burn Injuries Lawyer

When you think of injuries from an accident, broken bones or lacerations may come to mind. However, burn injuries are also common. They are often caused by fires but can also be caused by caustic chemicals, electricity and other factors.

Although most burn injuries happen at home, they can also happen outside of the home due to someone else’s negligence, such as due to workplace accidents, defective products, and car crashes. While burns vary in severity, they can cause scarring and disfigurement. Many require significant treatment.

If you have suffered a severe burn, you might want to understand your legal options, as you’re likely dealing with a lot of monetary damages. You may need skin grafts, surgeries, and other treatments. Seek legal help from a Champaign County burn injuries lawyer at Patel Law, PC to get the compensation you deserve.

Degrees of Burns

There are four degrees of burns:

  • First-degree. These burns are the least serious. They are superficial, affecting just the outer layer of skin. A sunburn is a good example. These burns rarely cause lasting damage.

  • Second-degree. These burns are a little more severe, as the outer layer and the layer below that (called the dermis) are affected. The skin will be swollen and bright red. There will likely be blisters and pain.

  • Third-degree. Known as a full-thickness burn, a third-degree burn destroys two full layers of skin. The skin may look black, white, or yellow. The nerves are usually damaged, but pain around the burn area can still be intense.

  • Fourth-degree. This is the most severe of burns. This type of burn can be life-threatening, as it destroys all your layers of skin, as well as muscles, tendons, and even bones.

Types of Burns

There are five main types of burns:

  • Thermal burns. These are the most common types of burns. They are caused by external heat sources that increase the temperature of the skin and tissues, such as hot metals, scalding liquids, flames, and steam.

  • Radiation burns. These are burns caused by prolonged exposure to the sun and other sources of radiation, such as cancer treatments or nuclear power plants.

  • Chemical burns. These burns are caused by strong acids, detergents, or solvents coming into contact with the skin or eyes.

  • Electrical burns. These burns come from contact with electrical current.

  • Friction burns. These are burns caused by direct damage to the heat generated by friction. A rope burn from a rope sliding through the hands is an example.

Contact Patel Law, PC Today

Burns are painful injuries that can cause damage to tissues, muscles, and even bones. In severe cases, amputation and skin grafts may be required.

If you have suffered a burn due to someone else’s negligence, see how a Champaign County burn injuries lawyer from Patel Law, PC can help. We’ll aggressively gather evidence to prove your case so you can get adequate compensation. Schedule a free consultation with our office today by filling out the online form or calling (217) 384-1111.

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