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Urbana Distracted Driving Lawyers – “Always keep your eyes on the road.” This is what every parent tells their teenager when they are first learning to drive. Unfortunately, even experienced drivers fail to heed this lesson. Too many people are paying attention to something else while behind the wheel, such as their phone, their passengers, or even what they are drinking. Such distracted driving leads to accidents that are completely preventable.

According to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are over 2,800 fatalities in distracted driving accidents each year. Thousands more suffered serious, life-threatening injuries. If this includes you or someone you love, it is imperative to take legal action against the distracted driver who caused your accident.

The Illinois distracted driving lawyers at Patel Law, PC, represents people like you who are injured in car accidents. Urbana personal injury attorney Baku N. Patel and his team will fight for the compensation you deserve. Distracted driving is negligent driving, period. No distracted driver should escape the legal consequences of their actions, even if they insist they “only took their eyes off the road for one second.”

How Distracted Driving Causes Accidents in Illinois

Distracted driving is not just one thing. It covers a wide range of common behaviors that lead drivers to remove their hands from the wheel or their eyes from the road. Some of the more common examples of distracted driving we see at Patel Law, PC, include:

  • Smartphones and Technology Distractions: Modern smartphones are a wonderful convenience, but they often prove problematic when individuals try to check their phone while driving. Whether responding to a text or checking their location on mapping software, every second that drivers are looking at a phone, they are not paying attention to the traffic directly in front of them.
  • Physical Distractions: Urbana-Champaign drivers are often trying to “multitask” while driving. They think they can drink coffee, fix their hair or makeup, or reach down to pick up a loose item and still somehow keep control of their vehicles. Such thinking can sadly lead to a serious accident.
  • Mental Distractions – Not every distraction involves a physical act. A driver whose mind is wandering or focused on something else–e.g., planning for an upcoming meeting, arguing with their kids–can be just as dangerous to others on the road as someone distracted by their cell phone or coffee cup.

Does Texting While Driving Mean a Driver is Negligent?

If you sue a distracted driver following a car accident, you need to prove in court that the distraction constituted negligence under Illinois law. In some cases this is fairly straightforward. Illinois prohibits certain forms of distracted driving outright. As with any traffic law, a driver’s violation makes it much easier for innocent victims to establish negligence.

Specifically, Illinois forbids the use of smartphones and other electronic communications devices while operating a motor vehicle. This does not just include talking on the phone. Texting while driving is also considered an illegal form of distracted driving. While talking on speakerphone is permitted, using a headset is not.

What Kind of Damages can I Seek in a Distracted Driving Lawsuit?

Proving a distracted driver’s negligence is just one part of a personal injury case. The other part is establishing damages. This covers both economic and non-economic losses that you suffered as a result of the accident. What does that mean? Here is a brief rundown:

  • Your economic losses include your medical bills, lost wages, damage to your car, and any other out-of-pocket costs you incurred from the accident.
  • Your non-economic losses are your pain and suffering, mental anguish, and the overall loss of enjoyment in your life due to your accident-related injuries.

Keep in mind, in the immediate aftermath of an accident, you are unlikely to realize the full extent of the damages you suffered. This is one reason it is critically important to consult with an experienced Illinois distracted driving accident lawyer. At Patel Law, PC, we can help you take stock of the situation and prepare a proper assessment of your case.

Contact the Urbana Distracted Driving Lawyers at Patel Law, PC, Today to Schedule a Free Consultation A careless driver’s momentary distraction can lead to years of suffering for the innocent victims and their families. If you find yourself in this situation, there is help. Contact Urbana distracted driving attorney Baku N. Patel today to schedule a free consultation