Child Removal and Relocation Lawyers in Champaign, Illinois

Relocation/Removal – Due to a job change, family needs or other reasons, relocation is a reality of life. When parents are not together and a child is involved, relocation is infinitely more complicated. If you are the majority/custodial parent and you wish to relocate more than 50 miles from your current location, it must be done by agreement or leave of Court. This is one of the most difficult issues in family law to reach an agreement.


The relocating parent obviously has strong reasons for wanting to move to a new town. The non-relocating parent is facing either significantly reduced parenting time or significant travel to continue exercising that parenting time. Consider the following scenarios and it is apparent that relocation is a huge issue. Our experienced Champaign child relocation and removal attorney at Patel Law, PC can help you to protect your parental rights in Illinois.

Illinois Child Relocation Laws in case of Moving out of State

When an out-of-state move occurs in compliance with the new law, Illinois courts will retain jurisdiction over the custody case involving the child.

For example, The father lives in Champaign and has parenting time with the child every other weekend, every Wednesday overnight, and every other Monday from after school until 8:00 p.m. The mother has the child at all other times. In one scenario the mother relocates to Chicago to take a lucrative job. From a practical standpoint, the father will lose all of his weekday parenting because exercising it would require five or six hours of travel. In another scenario the mother relocates to California for the same reason. Relocation/Removal Nearly all of the father’s regular parenting time is now impossible to exercise. Instead, it will be confined to holiday time and perhaps extended time during the summer.

Whether you are the majority parent looking to relocate in order to pursue a great opportunity for you and your child or a parent scared of losing valuable time with your child, we can help. Our Illinois Child removal and relocation lawyer at Patel Law, PC will review all issues in order to give you a realistic idea of how the Court is likely to rule in order to determine the best course of action.