Danville Pedestrian Accidents

Get Help from a Skilled Danville Pedestrian Attorney After an Accident

Danville Pedestrian Accidents – When an automobile strikes a pedestrian, the results are typically catastrophic. Pedestrian victims are often left with serious injuries, and sometimes they do not survive these injuries. Those who do survive can be left with ongoing medical expenses, months off of work, and maybe even a permanent disability rating. All of this can be made worse by the other party’s insurance company refusing to pay the victim the compensation they deserve. This is when you need to contact an experienced Danville pedestrian accident attorney.

At Patel Law, PC, we have nearly three decades of experience handling pedestrian accidents in and around Danville. We represent clients who have been injured in a wide variety of personal injury incidents. We understand what a stressful and frustrating time this can be for you and your loved ones. Our legal team is dedicated to protecting your rights and helping you get reimbursed for your damages and pain and suffering.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Illinois

All motorists are required to exercise reasonable care, and they must obey all traffic laws. In the event they fail to watch out for pedestrians, who are often less visible, tragic crashes can occur. Some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents in Illinois include:

  • Speeding: Speeding is not just a traffic violation; it can be considered reckless driving in some instances. The faster a vehicle is traveling, the more severe the pedestrian’s injuries are likely to be.
  • Distracted Driving: Distracted driving is the primary cause of a wide variety of accidents between vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians. Distracted driving is anything that takes someone’s attention away from driving. This can include texting, talking on the phone, eating and/or drinking, and more. All it takes is a split second of distraction to miss seeing a pedestrian and cause a collision.
  • Not Yielding or Stopping: A driver who fails to yield to a pedestrian or does not stop at a signal or stop sign can also cause an accident.
  • Backing Up Accidents: Some of the worst pedestrian accidents can involve someone backing up, whether it is in a parking lot or a driveway. Some of the most tragic backing up accidents occur when someone backs over a child in their driveway.
  • Driving Under the Influence: When a driver is intoxicated, whether it is from drugs or alcohol, their overall driving skills are impaired. They have slower reaction times.
  • Left- and Right-Hand Turns: When someone is attempting to make a turn, they may forget to look at the crosswalks and see if anyone is coming. It is not uncommon for a pedestrian to be walking in the crosswalk and have a car turn into them suddenly.
  • Weather-Related Conditions: Bad weather can play a part in pedestrian accidents as well. If it is snowing or raining and visibility is low or it is hard to stop, it may result in an accident.

Common Injuries in Danville Pedestrian Accidents

Injuries will vary based on the circumstances of the collision, but there are some injuries that are more commonly seen in pedestrian accidents. These injuries are:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: A pedestrian may hit their head on the car or the pavement in a collision. These types of injuries can leave someone with life-long disabilities that affect their cognition, hearing, motor function, vision, and more.
  • Fractures: Bone fractures are also very common injuries in a pedestrian accident. Impact with a vehicle, truck, or motorcycle can cause broken arms, legs, ribs, and more.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: When there is a severe impact, it can cause spinal cord injuries after a portion of the backbone is damaged, ruptured, or knocked out of place. Victims typically have severe pain and can lose muscle function, or worse, they are partially or completely paralyzed.

What to do if You are in a Danville Pedestrian Accident

If you have been involved in an accident, the first priority should be your safety. Call 911 for emergency response, even if you do not believe your injuries are life-threatening. You may have internal injuries and bleeding that you cannot see. Your adrenaline may also keep you from noticing how injured you are.

Obtaining a full diagnosis from an emergency doctor is important as it will protect your health and preserve your right to pursue a claim for your injuries. Once you have spoken with the police and received a thorough examination from an emergency room doctor, the next step is to speak with a knowledgeable Illinois pedestrian accident attorney. Please contact Patel Law, PC today to schedule an initial consultation. Let us evaluate your case and help you pursue the compensation you deserve while you concentrate on healing and getting your life back on track.