Domestic Violence

Illinois Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Domestic Violence – Any individual who physically assaults another family or household member can be arrested and charged with a domestic violence offense. If police are called to your home and they find evidence of a domestic battery, usually someone is going to jail.

Public awareness of domestic violence has grown exponentially in recent years. In Illinois and throughout the country, numerous organizations have been created and extensive legislation passed to combat the prevalence of domestic abuse. This means that anyone facing a domestication violence charge faces not only serious violent crime penalties, but also an increasingly unsavory public opinion and criminal record.

At Patel Law, PC, we bring years of experience to the defense of people accused of domestication violence charges in Champaign-Urbana, Danville, Decatur and other communities in Central Illinois. Having working numerous domestication violence cases throughout the years, our Illinois domestic violence lawyer understands the how seriously allegations can impact the lives of individuals, and how detrimental convictions can be. As such, we work diligently to defend clients against charges such as domestic battery, stalking and other domestic violence charges.

Illinois Domestic Violence Lawyer Defending Your Rights

It’s much easier to be arrested for domestic violence than it is to persuade the state to drop domestic violence charges in Illinois. Even if your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend wants to drop charges, the state may prosecute the case on its own. All too often, prosecutors bent on gaining convictions stop at nothing to charge and convict offenders who do not take the measures they need to protect their rights. With the assistance of a qualified Champaign domestication violence attorney from our firm, you case can receive the experienced attention needed to protect your future.

Consequences of a Domestic Violence in Illinois

The consequences of a domestication violence conviction can be devastating to your employment, your reputation and your personal well-being. In addition to serious criminal penalties including large fines and possible terms of imprisonment, offenders may also be required to participate in domestication violence classes.

Additionally, under federal law, anyone convicted of domestic battery cannot possess firearms. If you are a hunter, you will no longer be able to do so legally. If you are a police officer, in military service, or work a job in which a firearm is required, you may lose your job as a result of a conviction.

Contact Best Attorney for Domestic Violence at Patel Law, PC

To avoid the stigma of a domestic battery conviction, you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible after you have been arrested. Do not attempt to contact the alleged victim, as you may be barred from doing so by a restraining or protective order, or as a condition of your bond by the court.

If you violate the order, you could be jailed and charged with a separate crime. Contact Patel Law, PC to learn more about your case. Our experienced attorneys for domestication violence proudly serve clients throughout Champaign, Urbana, Vermilion County and Macon County.