Arson Lawyer in Champaign, Illinois

What is Arson?: Arson is an extremely serious criminal offense and violent crime that involves willfully setting fire to buildings, wild-land areas, cars or other property.

What are the reasons for a-rson?: There are a number of reasons why an arsonist might intentionally set fire to property with the intent to cause damage. These can include malicious intentions or fraudulent intentions, such as deliberately starting a fire in order to collect insurance compensation. No matter the particular reason behind the act, a-rson is considered an extremely dangerous and serious crime and is prosecuted aggressively.

According to the Illinois Criminal Code, a person commits arson when they use fire or an explosive to damage property worth more than $150 or with the intent to defraud an insurance provider.

Types of Arson | Arson Charges in Illinois

There are also several specific a rson charges that are prosecuted in the state. These include:

  • Aggravated arson
  • Residential arson
  • Place of worship arson
  • Possession of explosive or incendiary devices

There are a number of circumstances that can result in more serious a rson charges, such as where the a rson took place and whether or not anyone was injured. When enhancements are involved, criminal penalties are greatly intensified.

Is a-rson a felony?: In addition to tremendous fines, restitution, prison terms as long as 30 years and felony convictions, offenders are also required to register as convicted a-rsonists, which can greatly limit their future social and professional mobility.

Illinois Arson Attorney Fights Aggressively on Your Behalf

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