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Prostitution is a serious sex crime offense in the state of Illinois. Targeted by local law enforcement agencies and specialized task forces that aim to keep local communities free from sexualized crimes, sex work is an offense that is aggressively prosecuted and harshly punished.

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Illinois Prostitution Laws

Generally, prostitution is an offense legally defined as the performance of any sexual act in exchange for something of value. The state of Illinois enforces several prostitution offenses. These include:


Is prostitution a misdemeanor?: sex work convictions can result in a Class A misdemeanor. When the offense is committed within 1,000 feet of a school, it becomes a Class 4 felony. Prior convictions for prostitution or related offenses will also subject defendants to Class 4 felony convictions and heightened penalties.

Although the local law enforcement agencies make great efforts in reducing prostitution in the community, they also understand that these situations can arise as the result of many unfortunate circumstances. As a result, courts do promote some leniency, and offer alternative sentencing options that can include probation, counseling, drug rehabilitation and others.


Solicitation of Prostitution or a sexual act is an offense that can be charged against anyone who offers another who is not their spouse something of value in exchange for a sexual act. The offense is a Class A misdemeanor, and a Class 4 felony when the other person involved is under the age of 18 or profoundly intellectually disabled.

Promoting Prostitution

Any person who profits from prostitution by compelling a person to become a prostitute, arranging or offering to arrange a situation that can be considered sex work, or in way contributes to the act of sex work can be charged with promoting sex work. A felony offense, offenders can face heightened penalties when the act is committed within 1,000 feet of a school, a minor is involved or a profoundly intellectually disabled person is involved.

The criminal penalties posed by any sex work offense can greatly limit the personal and professional futures of convicted offenders. Aside from fines and terms of imprisonment, convictions result in criminal records that are viewed distastefully by most employers and others who conduct background checks.

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