Bank & amp; Wire Fraud

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Bank & amp; Wire Fraud – Patel Law, PC defends clients facing all kinds of federal charges, including bank and wire fraud.

Bank fraud penalty: As found in 18 USC § 1344, bank fraud is committed when an individual or other entity defrauds a financial institution, or obtains funds or assets under the control of such an institution by means of false or fraudulent pretenses. Bank Fraud crime is punishable by a fine of up to $1 million, a prison term of up to 30 years, or both.

Wire fraud penalty: Wire fraud is defined in USC § 1343 as obtaining money or property through “any scheme or artifice to defraud” by transmitting via wire, radio, or television. The penalty for wire fraud charges in Illinois is a prison term of up to 20 years, a fine of up to $1 million, or both. When facing serious economic crime charges such as this, it is vital to retain a Champaign bank fraud and fraud defense lawyer with experience in federal defense.

Attorney Baku N. Patel is specially certified by the Illinois Supreme Court to defend murder cases, proving his ability to fight serious criminal charges. Whether you are facing charges of bank fraud, wire fraud, or another federal crime such as drug conspiracy, Patel Law, PC can help.

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Attorney Patel can defend his clients and anticipate the prosecution’s next move, having former experience as a federal prosecutor himself. Federal procedure is not that same as criminal procedure in state courts, which is why you need the representation of an aggressive and experienced federal criminal lawyer.

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