Violent Crimes

A violent crime involves any criminal act in which a person uses force, or threatens to use force, upon a victim. There are a number of criminal charges that can be considered a violent crime, including:

Violent crimes are among the most concerning criminal offenses because they directly threaten the safety and well-being of people. According to statistics published by the FBI, a violent crime occurred every 25.3 seconds in the United States in 2010. Additionally, one murder occurred every 35 minutes, one robbery every 1.4 minutes and one aggravated assault every 40.5 seconds. These statistics are nothing short of alarming, and are the primary reason why law enforcement agencies and court systems have cracked down on enforcing violent crime laws, aggressively prosecuting offenders, and pushing for the harshest criminal penalties.

Anyone accused of a violent crime will immediately face a hostile social and legal environment. As some of the most serious criminal offenses, these crimes are viewed unfavorably, which can also impact cases and trials. In order to protect yourself from bias and to ensure that your right to a fair case is protected, you need to work with the knowledgeable, experienced and aggressive Champaign criminal defense attorneys from Patel Law, PC.

Proven representation for violent crime charges

With nearly two decades of criminal defense experience and a legal background that encompasses time spent as a former prosecutor and public defender, Attorney Patel is fully prepared and capable of defending against any type of violent crime charge. Our legal team understands the severity of these charges and the high stakes they pose, which is why we work collectively to provide you and your case with the strongest defense possible. For more information about the ways in which we can be of assistance, contact Patel Law, PC today.