"Tough-on-crime" Criminal Justice Bills And Policies, Some Of Which Seek To Add Fuel To The Failed War On Drugs

The U. S. House of Representatives has tendered a bill that would greatly expand penalties for drug offenses and actually add mandatory minimum sentences to the federal code. This latest bill is entitled “Stop Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues Act of 2017”. H.R. 2851/S. 1327 would expand the penalties for drug offenses, add mandatory minimum sentences to the federal code, and give the Attorney General power to decide which drugs should be criminalized and to set criminal penalties.

Earlier this month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions penned an op-ed in the Washington Post to justify his policy directive rolling back the Smart on Crime policy and re-instituting the use of mandatory minimum drug sentences. This will reverse the previous administrations efforts toward meaningful criminal justice reforms that would reduce the nation's prison population, reform sentencing structures, and push back against regressive "tough-on-crime" legislation such as this.

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