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dog bite injury attorney – Victims who have been injured by dog bites are provided explicit legal rights to file personal injury claims against dog owners. Dog bite attorney Champaign, IL at Patel Law, PC can fight for you recovering your medical expenses and financial damages due to dog attack injury.

According to the Illinois dog bite statute under the Animal Control Act, ILCS 5 / 16 §16, dog owners can be held legally responsible for compensating injured victims when:

  • They are the owners of a dog who attacks another person
  • The dog attacked or injured another person without provocation
  • The person was in a place where they could lawfully be

Top Dog Bite Attorneys in Illinois

In order to file a successful claim as per Illinois dog bite law, our experienced personal injury legal team – lawyers for dog bites in Champaign highlights all of the essential elements and presents them clearly and conclusively in court. This means that we work diligently to unearth all of the facts surrounding your dog bite case, including where the attack took place, who the owner is, and the extent of your damages.

According to Illinois dog bite law, Negligence is not the main priority in these cases, as dog owners assume strict liability for their pets in the state of Illinois. As such, our legal team can effectively utilize legislation to hold dog owners liable and to recover full and fair compensation.

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In addition to recovering your medical expenses and financial damages, our firm can also obtain compensation for any emotional injuries you suffered, including emotional distress and psychological trauma.

Our Illinois dog bite attorneys have expansive knowledge of the Illinois dog bite statute, as well as a strong familiarity with state laws that concern “dangerous” and “vicious” dogs that have attacked others in the past. By investigating the history of the dog and preparing your case thoroughly, we can deliver the results you need in a timely manner.

Our firm offers free case evaluations, and our staff is available 24 / 7 to our clients. If you would like to schedule a consultation or speak with a member of our legal team about your dog bite case, contact Patel Law, PC today.

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