Injured By a Defective Medical Device

Illinois Defective Medical Device Lawyer

Unfortunately, many medical devices manufacturers do not always fulfill responsibility to ensure that their devices are safe. Therefore it is important to have an experienced defective medical device lawyer Illinois at your side.

Each day, news stories surface of a medical device gone wrong. Hundreds of other similar incidents go unannounced and victims are left dealing with the losses on their own. Should you find yourself facing similar circumstances, there may be an opportunity for you to take action and it starts at Patel Law, PC

We don’t take the ramifications of defective medical devices lightly and are intentional about pursuing justice for our clients. No matter your age or the conditions of your health, you deserve to be well-represented during this time. Trust the judgment of Champaign defective medical device attorneys with over 30 years of legal experience.

Understanding the Various Types of Defective Medical Device Claims

The term ‘medical device’ is a broad way to categorize any kind of device utilized within the medical industry to treat or prevent health problems. Some of the most common include hip replacements, transvaginal mesh, defibrillators, and stents. When they don’t work as they should and create problems for the patient, the device may be labeled as defective.

There are essentially three different ways for a medical device to be considered defective:

  • The manufacturing used to create the device was defective
  • The design the device was based off of was defective
  • The marketing surrounding the device was defective

When a company promises one thing and their device fails to perform, it is defective. When a device is improperly manufactured at the facility or hospital, it is defective. The key is determining who is legally responsible. It could be multiple people or one major entity, like a laboratory. Because there are so many parties involved, defective medical device claims are notoriously complex.

We cannot overestimate the importance of choosing legal representation you can trust. The past settlements we’ve achieved speak highly of the quality of service and representation we provide to each and every client. Your case is secure when you retain best defective medical device attorney Illinois at Patel Law, PC.