Danville Catastrophic Injury

Choosing a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Danville, IL

Danville Catastrophic Injury – Catastrophic injuries can change your entire life in the blink of an eye. People who suffer catastrophic injuries often need lifetime medical care and will be declared permanently disabled. These types of claims are complex. You need an attorney who has experience handling catastrophic injury lawsuits. At Patel Law, PC, our Illinois personal injury attorneys have years of experience with high-exposure cases that involve catastrophic injuries.

What is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries often result in life-long ailments. They typically include severe damage to internal organs, the spinal cord, the brain, etc. Victims may need months of rehabilitation or even lifetime care. Surgery is often prescribed in catastrophic injury cases.

Some of the most common types of catastrophic injuries can include:

  • Amputations — What seems to be only a laceration ends up severing muscle, tendon, or even bone. Severe fractures when a limb is crushed may also require amputation.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries — Your head can forcefully strike something else during an accident. If you are riding a motorcycle and are wearing a helmet, your brain can rattle against your skull causing damage. Mild brain injuries are conditions like a concussion. With a traumatic brain injury, there may be periods of non-responsiveness, coma, internal bleeding, and even skull fractures.
  • Burns — Burns can occur in a number of Danville personal injury claims. Burns do not necessarily mean you come into contact with open flame either. In fact, burn injuries can also occur from radiation, electricity, chemicals, and heat.
  • Birth Injuries — Medical malpractice claims are high-dollar claims for a good reason. When you’re talking about medical malpractice, the mistake is usually quite egregious. Perhaps a surgical tool was left inside your body or they operated on the wrong part of your body. With birth injuries, a baby can suffer from birth defects caused by something the doctor did wrong during the mom’s pregnancy. It can also be from a medical professional’s failure to properly diagnose a high-risk condition. During the birth process, a baby can suffer brain damage if it’s deprived of oxygen for too long.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries — Spinal cord injuries involve lacerating or pinching nerve bundles in the spine that are responsible for sensation or movement.
  • Dog Bites — Dog bite claims can also involve catastrophic injuries. If someone is mauled by a vicious dog, there can be significant disfigurement and scarring.
  • Internal Organs — Serious impacts to your body could result in organ damage as well. For example, if you are a motorcyclist who is hit at a high rate of speed and thrown across the road, the impact could injure a vital organ.

Investigating an Illinois Catastrophic Injury Claim

Like other types of personal injury claims, you have to prove someone else caused your injuries. This can be accomplished by showing how the other party or parties were negligent in their actions, and that this negligence led to your catastrophic injuries.

You want a Danville catastrophic injury attorney who can prepare the strongest case possible. Recovery of compensation in these types of cases depends on a thorough investigation and well-documented proof of your injuries, disability, time off work, pain and suffering, etc. When you retain any personal injury attorney, he or she may lack the skills to take on a high-profile claim like this.

Costs Associated with Catastrophic Injuries

When determining the value in a catastrophic injury case, the claim’s value is directly linked with the amount of treatment you have received and what you will receive in the future. It factors in your time off work, and whether you are going to be declared disabled. Danville catastrophic injury claims also tend to have values for non-economic damages. These are financial awards that are designed to compensate you for your pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, etc.

Economic damages that make up your catastrophic injury claim can include:

  • Cost of your medical care to date
  • Expected cost of future medical treatment
  • Costs for rehabilitation
  • Long term nursing or assisted living facility
  • Physical therapy
  • Loss of earnings to date
  • Loss of earning capacity

Holding Corporations Liable in Danville, IL Catastrophic Injury Cases

Cases involving catastrophic injuries often have more than one responsible party. Sometimes that means multiple drivers, but in many situations, it means businesses and big corporations. With these types of cases, you need the right attorney. You need someone with plenty of trial experience and record wins against these corporations. When an attorney is not afraid to stand up to the big corporation, it can send the message that we are not going anywhere, and they better negotiate fairly on our client’s case.

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