Robbery Lawyer in Champaign, Illinois

At Patel Law, PC firm, our Illinois robbery defense attorney will fight hard if you’ve been accused of theft or armed theft.

Of the various theft crimes, robbery is considered one of the most serious offenses, as it typically involves a person taking another’s property directly from their presence by the use of force or by threatening to use force. As such, theft can also be considered a type of violent crime.

The legal conception of theft as both a theft crime and violent offense means that anyone who faces allegations should prepare themselves for harsh prosecution, unsavory public opinion and very severe criminal penalties. Working with legal representation is a wise decision for any alleged offender, but in Burglary cases, it is virtually essential to those who wish to reduce their risk of enduring life altering consequences.

Is Robbery a Felony or Misdemeanor in Illinois?

As with other theft offenses, theft charges and potential criminal penalties can be enhanced when certain circumstances are involved.

Standard robbery charges are Class 2 felonies. When victims are over the age of 60, physically handicapped, or when the robbery is committed in a school, child care facility or place of worship, robbery becomes a Class 1 felony. Other enhanced Burglary charges our criminal defense team at Patel Law, PC has no aversion to handling different types of robbery include:

Aggravated Robbery

When robbery involves the verbal threat of a weapon or the administration of a controlled substance, offenders can be prosecuted for aggravated Burglary.

Armed theft

Armed robbery in Illinois is an incredibly serious offense, armed robbery involves the presence, discharge or use resulting in injury of a firearm or dangerous weapon. Armed theft imposes harsh penalties, including 15 years for the presence of a firearm, 20 years when the firearm is discharged, and 25 years to life when a firearm causes great bodily harm. To fight against these charges you need highly qualified Illinois armed Burglary defense lawyers at your side.

Vehicular Hijacking

Vehicular hijacking, or carjacking, and aggravated vehicular hijacking involve the theft of a motor vehicle from the immediate presence of a person. Penalties are extremely severe and enhanced when weapons and firearms are used.

Why You Need Illinois Robbery Attorney at Patel Law, PC?

There is no doubt that a robbery charge of any sort poses life altering consequences. When enhancements are involved, alleged offenders or their loved ones should immediately consult proven legal representatives. With experience in defending against a variety of theft charges as well as serious and complex theft allegations, Our Illinois Burglary lawyers at Patel Law, PC will fight intelligently and vigorously on your behalf. Contact our firm to schedule a free case consultation