Federal Procedure

Best Attorney Who Understands Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

In order to ensure that each case is handled fairly compared to other federal criminal cases, 18 USC Part II, Criminal Procedure provides rules and regulations for U.S. district courts regarding how they should handle cases. Federal rules of criminal procedures include arrest and commitment, search and seizure, speedy trial, arraignment, pleas, trials, verdicts, sentencing, appeals, contempt, and much more.

Federal criminal procedure is not exactly the same as state procedure. This means tha

Federal Procedure
Federal Procedure

t, if you are facing federal charges of any kind, such as bank and wire fraud or drug conspiracy, you should be sure to hire a Champaign criminal defense lawyer who is qualified to defend you in federal court.

Attorney Baku Patel is the criminal defense attorney for the job. He has former experience as a federal prosecutor and has a detailed understanding of both prosecution and defense procedures in Federal Court. He is also certified by the Illinois Supreme Court to defend capital murder cases-the most serious charges a person can face-making him more than qualified to defend any other serious charges. You need such experience and skill on your side in a federal criminal case, so call our firm today to set up an appointment for your complimentary consultation.

Patel Law, PC Knows Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

Patel Law, PC is prepared to provide you with a supportive team and aggressive defense. We work together on each client’s case to maximize their defense and obtain the results they need. You cannot afford to hire a lawyer who does not have experience in Federal Court or an understanding of federal procedure, so contact our firm right away to speak with an attorney who knows federal rules of criminal procedure and how to handle your defense. Our firm has what it takes to defend you from a federal criminal conviction that could land you in prison for decades.