Champaign Drug Possession Lawyer

If you have been facing drug possession charge in Illinois? you should have someone by your side at all times, fighting to reduce your penalties or have the charges against you.

In order to be arrested for a drug crime, law enforcement only needs evidence that you have (a) controlled substance(s) in your possession. They do not have to be on your person; they can be in your home, car, desk, or locker, or anywhere on your property where you can access them. It can be difficult to provide such evidence, however, which allows for a strong defense in some cases. Call our experienced Champaign drug possession attorney if you’ve been charged with drug possession. The penalties you may be facing are likely severe.

Penalties For Possession Of Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, And Other Drugs

Illinois drug laws provide for very strict and harsh punishment. Anyone found in possession of less than 2.5 grams of marijuana will face a Class C misdemeanor, up to 30 days in jail, and a maximum fine of $1,500. For more than 30 grams, it is a felony offense punishable by anywhere from 1 – 15 years in state prison, as well as a fine of up to $25,000. The penalties become even more severe for more dangerous substances, such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. These substances are a class 1 felony for possession of 15 grams or more, with a prison term ranging from 4 – 50 years and a fine of up to $200,000 or the full street value of the amount in possession.

Getting Help From a Champaign Drug Possession Attorney

For nearly 20 years, the criminal defense firm of Patel Law, PC has provided an aggressive and successful defense to individuals facing criminal charges of all kinds, from drug crime charges and DUI to sex offenses and murder. Attorney Baku N. Patel is certified to defend capital murder cases before the Illinois Supreme Court and is a former federal criminal prosecutor, giving him detailed insight into defending a case from both sides. Contact the firm right away or complete our online evaluation form to learn how we can fight your charges of drug possession.