Multi-Car Accidents

Attorneys for Multi Car Accident in Central Illinois

What is multi car accidents?: When car accidents involve more than two vehicles, they can become even more complex to deal with. It can become harder to determine which party or parties are at fault.

You will also likely have to deal with multiple insurance companies when filing your personal injury claim (or you claim for compensation for your injuries). It is best to let a qualified Multi car accident Central Illinois Lawyer handle the situation on your behalf in order to ensure that your claim is filed properly.

At Patel Law, PC, we have personal injury attorneys who handle all types of car accident cases. A skilled lawyer from our firm can fully investigate the details of your accident in order to ensure that all at-fault parties are being held liable. We want to help you take as much stress out of the claims process as possible so you can focus on your physical recovery.

Chain Reaction Car Accident Who’s at Fault?

Chain reactions are common occurrences in multi-car accidents. For example, a vehicle that gets rear-ended might get slammed into the car in front of it, therefore creating an accident that involves three cars. There are many cases in which there is a much more drastic chain reaction accident with a long line of cars being affected. In addition to passenger cars, these types of accidents can also involve trucks, buses and many other types of vehicles called as multiple vehicle accidents.

In some multi car crashes, only one driver is at fault. In others, multiple drivers might share the blame if they were each violating traffic laws. For example, if a driver who was speeding caused a chain-reaction accident and the other drivers did not make any traffic violations, the speeding driver will likely be the only at-fault party. If, however, the speeding driver’s car hit the vehicle of someone who was running a red light and that accident affected a third vehicle, both driver who were breaking the law could be considered at-fault parties. A knowledgeable multiple car accident lawyer will know what types of evidence to look for when determining which drivers hold liability in your accident.

Patel Law, PC deal with the insurance companies on your behalf

Dealing with insurance companies can be stressful, especially since these companies often try to find reasons to deny claims or to make settlement offers that are too low. It will be important that you deal with the insurance companies of all the at-fault parties involved so that you can make sure to receive the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled. Simply going after one liable driver might leave you short of the payment you need to properly cover your medical expenses, lost wages, vehicle damage and other damages incurred in multi car crash.

Let our legal team – multi car accident lawyer Champaign deal with the insurance companies involved in your car accident case. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ best interests and to helping them receive the highest level of compensation possible. Contact Patel Law, PC to learn more about our services!