Bicycle Accident

Bicycle Accident Attorneys serving in Central Illinois and has offices Urbana-Champaign, Danville and Decatur

Bicycle Accident Attorneys serving in Central Illinois and has offices Urbana-Champaign, Danville, and Decatur

Are you a victim of Bicycle accident injury due to the negligence of others?: You need to schedule a free consultation with us right away to help you with your bicycle accident. At Patel Law PC, Our Urbana-Champaign Bicycle Accident Attorney fights for vulnerable victims and their families.

Whether you choose to ride for recreational purposes, as a form of transportation or for exercise, the benefits of bicycles are numerous. Unfortunately, bicycle riders are required to share the roads with motor vehicles, and as they have little protection from injuries, the combination of machines and bikes can be a recipe for disaster.

When it can be proven that bicycle riders suffered injuries as the result of a driver’s unlawful act or negligence, they can recover monetary compensation for the damages they suffered. For example, drivers can be held liable for compensating injured riders when they execute unsafe driving practices such as distracted driving or drunk driving.

Illinois Bicycle Accident Attorneys

As with all states in America, Illinois grants bicycles and riders on the roadways with the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles. Easily overseen or lost in blind spots, riders run very high risks of being involved in road traffic accidents. When accidents do happen, the results can be devastating. In fact, bicycle accidents have a much higher potential for resulting in catastrophic injury and wrongful death than typical motor vehicle accidents. As a result, full compensation becomes a necessity in order to cover the extensive damages injured bicyclists experience.

At Patel Law, PC, our Champaign Bicycle Accident Attorney team has handled a number of bicycle accidents. While cases differed in their particularities, victims suffered similar repercussions that impacted many aspects of their life. From financial struggles resulting from costly medical bills and lost work wages to emotional injuries and significant pain and suffering, bicycle accidents have the potential to affect the entirety of a victim’s well-being. By working closely with these clients and fully understanding their needs, we were better able to craft personalized claims and obtain the maximum compensation possible.

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One of the most distinguishing elements of our practice at Patel Law, PC is that our entire legal team goes above and beyond in our efforts to respond to clients during their time of need. We prepare claims intensely and fight relentlessly in court, but when we work with injured victims and their families, we always remain compassionate, understanding and attentive to their needs and goals. If we can improve the lives of the victims in Illinois by recovering the compensation they deserve, then we know we have done the right thing. If you would like to speak with a bicycle accident lawyer champaign who will fight on your behalf during your bicycle accident personal injury claim, contact Patel Law, PC today.

Patel Law, PC services central Illinois, including Champaign, Vermilion, and Macon counties and has offices in UrbanaDecatur, and Danville.