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More and more Illinois residents are choosing bicycles as their main mode of transportation, for many reasons. Bicycles are fun to ride. They are much cheaper than cars to maintain. They are also environmentally friendly and a good way to get much-needed exercise.

However, their safety is questionable. Unlike a person inside a car, a person on a bicycle has little protection in the event of a crash. While it is advisable to wear a helmet, a helmet cannot protect the entire body. Bicycles are much smaller than cars. Therefore, a bicyclist can easily get crushed. They can also get ejected and thrown onto the roadway.

Sharing the roadway with much more powerful motor vehicles can be a recipe for disaster. A bicycle crash can cause many damages, including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and more. If your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, contact a bicycle accident lawyer in Illinois. Patel Law has experience helping injured victims in the Decatur area. We can hold the responsible parties liable and help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicyclists can suffer a variety of injuries if they crash. A bicyclist can hit the ground or the windshield of a vehicle and this can result in serious injuries. They include the following:

  • Head trauma. The impact can cause a person to hit their head. They can suffer a mild brain injury, such as a concussion, or it can be more severe. A person may live with a brain injury for the rest of his or her life.
  • Facial injuries. Landing on the pavement can cause a lot of damage to one’s face. They may suffer deep lacerations that can cause scarring. They can also sustain injuries to their mouth, teeth, and eyes.
  • Back and spine injuries. A person may fall off their bike and land on their back. This can cause broken bones, ruptured discs, and muscle injuries. Spine injuries can cause mobility issues.
  • Broken bones. The impact of landing on the ground can cause broken bones. Arms, legs, hands, and shoulders often take the brunt of the impact. Depending on the severity, bones can take months to heal.
  • Neurological damage. Neurological damage can occur from a bike accident. It can present itself in many ways, including loss of sensation, pain, muscle weakness, and seizures. It can also be severe and cause paralysis and difficulty reading and writing.
  • Death. Unfortunately, many bicyclists have died from crashes. If they are hit by a car traveling at high speeds, the impact can be fatal. Even the best helmet and protective gear cannot prevent such a tragedy.

Preventing Bike Crashes

There are ways for bicyclists to stay safe and have an enjoyable bike ride. They include the following:

  • Be alert. Distracted driving is the top cause of crashes. Stay off your phone while riding. Do not be texting or sending emails. Keep your eyes on what is in front of you. Listen to what is going on around you.
  • Wear the right gear. Make sure you are protected in a crash and that others can see you. Wear bright, reflective clothing. Avoid sandals and flip-flops. Heavy pants can help in the event of road rash. Do not forget to put on a helmet.
  • Take it slow. While bikes do not go as fast as cars, you can still injure yourself by going too fast for conditions. Take the weather and terrain into consideration. Be aware of ice, potholes and other vehicles on the road.
  • Obey traffic laws. Bikes are often treated as other vehicles and must follow the same laws. Stop at stop signs and red lights. Be careful when merging or turning. Let others know of your intentions by using hand signals.
  • Be careful around vehicles. Do not get too close to cars. Keep your distance and be careful when riding between them, as they may not see you. They may suddenly back up or open their door. Do not ever assume other drivers can see you.

Contact Decatur Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Bicycle accidents are often much more serious than car accidents. A person on a bicycle can be thrown off and run over by motor vehicles. They can suffer head trauma, broken bones, and other serious injuries. Some even lead to fatality.

The experienced lawyers at Patel Law understand the struggles that come from a bike accident. We will help you with the legal issues while you focus on recovery. To schedule a free consultation, fill out the online form or call us at (217) 384-1111.