The Advantages of Implementing Universal Background Checks On Gun Purchases

With recent shootings occurring in our society, many people fear the use of guns and the ownership of such weaponry. Many states lack  screening processes allowing for the transfer and sales of weapons without extensive background knowledge on the potential gun buyer. Due to recent gun violence events, the idea of implementing universal background checks has arisen as a prime method to diminish the amount of firearms and better protect the general public.

The benefits of universal background checks are apparent in that it massively decreases the amount of mass shootings in society. According to an analysis by Everytown for Gun Safety, controlling for population, states that required background checks saw 52 percent fewer mass shootings than those without them. Not that surprisingly, states with mandated background checks also saw 63 percent fewer mass shootings committed by individuals barred from gun ownership. On the contrary, those states without UBC’s noticed an increase in mortality rates. When Missouri repealed its stringent background checks, mortality rates increased by a staggering 25 percent. Not only does UBC’s protect from mortality and mass shootings but also as a means of suicide prevention. Using data analyzed from 1981–2012, it was found that when Missouri repealed its UBC law that was associated with a 16.1% rise in firearm suicide. However, when Connecticut implemented a very similar law that Missouri repealed, the firearm suicide rates dropped 15.4%. This is easily seen as causation as the more stringent the background checks, the less guns are in society thus less firearm related suicides.

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