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The Criminal Defense Process

How a Champaign Defense Lawyer Can Fight Your Charges

Criminal cases have a very distinct process they must follow. In order to defend a client facing charges, a Champaign criminal defense lawyer must have a detailed understanding of this process, as well as criminal law and any defense strategies that apply to their client's case. The criminal defense firm of Patel Law, PC can provide just such a lawyer to handle your case and prevent you from facing severe penalties. Read through the basic criminal defense process below before you contact our firm for a free initial consultation.

Criminal Charges & Arrests

Before an officer can make an arrest, he or she must have proper legal grounds to do so. They must have witnessed the crime or obtain a warrant in order to make a legal arrest. Upon an arrest, the accused has certain rights that must be observed. These are known as the Miranda Rights and include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney, whether private or assigned to them from the Public Defender's Office. After they are arrested, the alleged offender will be processed and booked by law enforcement, then held in detention until their arraignment.

The Arraignment

An arraignment is when the accused is read the charges against them by a judge in court. The alleged offender will also be informed of the possible penalties they face. Bail is also established, and the defense attorney will be presented with the discovery, such as a police report or complaint or any other information that should be disclosed to the defendant and their representation. At this time, the accused will either plead innocent or plead guilty, which affects the course of their case.


Some criminal cases are best resolved through a plea bargain. This process basically involves an exchange, where the defendant is offered a reduction or dismissal of their charges as long as they plead guilty. Plea bargains avoid a long or messy trial, but they are not always the best action to take, especially when a defendant could fight for a dismissal and avoid a criminal conviction on their record.

The Trial

Criminal trial is one of the most crucial steps in the criminal process. If a plea bargain is unsuccessful or if the defendant wants to avoid a conviction on their record, trial is necessary to fight for a dismissal or reduction of their charges. If you are facing charges, you will need a skilled trial lawyer with experience and success fighting charges before a judge and jury. The criminal defense firm of Patel Law, PC has the experience you need, so call today to set up an appointment.

Retain an Aggressive Defense Attorney

The legal team at Patel Law, PC works together on each case to maximize the client's defense. Should you retain a Champaign criminal defense lawyer from our firm, you will have the support of an entire team to fight your charges and obtain the dismissal you need. Attorney Baku Patel has represented clients in more than 200 trial cases and has been honored with membership with the Capital Litigation Trial Bar for his exceptional skill in defending clients facing murder charges and the death penalty. He also has former experience as a JAG Officer and as a trial attorney for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), giving him experience defending federal criminal cases.

Call our firm as soon as possible if you are searching for a competent defense lawyer. Our team has represented thousands of criminal cases and is more than qualified to defend you from a conviction. We offer a consultation, so call today or complete our online evaluation form. The sooner you contact a criminal defense attorney, the better your chances of success will be. Speak with a member of our team today!

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