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Aggressive Defender for the Criminally Accused

The experience of your attorney is often the main factor in the final outcome in a criminal case. You will be severely penalized if you are found guilty at trial. Conviction may bring about consequences lasting well beyond the completion of your sentence. It is imperative that you retain a proven Vermilion County criminal defense lawyer immediately if you are facing felony charges. At Patel Law, PC we have nearly 2 decades of successful criminal defense practice. Our criminal attorney has defended thousands of criminal cases, and has served at over 200 criminal trials to a verdict. He has a background serving as a senior county prosecutor as well as a serving as a former federal prosecutor who is certified by the Illinois Supreme Court to defend death penalty cases. To date, the state has not sentenced any of our clients accused of murder to the death penalty life in prison. There are few criminal lawyers that can claim this level of success at in a difficult criminal trial.

Our firm defends against white collar, violent, theft, sex and drug crimes in addition to many other types of offenses. We provide aggressive representation in cases involving charges in a federal crime, and we are zealous advocates for the accused in all types of federal crimes. Our attorneys also represent those arrested for DUI and criminal traffic offenses. Our team works together in all of our cases, so you have the benefit of the knowledge and skills of our entire group of legal professionals. We offer high-quality, professional defense counsel to the criminally accused who live along the Eastern border of Illinois in Vermilion County.

Our firm has unusual insight into how the opposition thinks and acts, based on our years of service as prosecutors. We know how police or other investigative units gather evidence – and the errors that they make in doing so. Our attorneys understand how to prepare a case that challenges the prosecution's presentation at every step. We forge defenses geared to produce the best possible result possible for our clients. Our lawyers look for errors in police procedure, as well as faulty or dishonest witnesses, experts or other types of evidence presented against you. Based on the weak points in the case against you, it is possible that we could press for a dismissal of your charges. There is often the option to get charges reduced – a great advantage with regard to the potential penalties. When a criminal case goes to trial, you can be confident that your defense case will be professionally prepared and persuasively presented to the jury.

Recent Victories in Drug, Assault and DUI Cases

You want an experienced attorney for your defense, and actual results are the most accurate measure of the skills of any lawyer you retain. As an example of our defense work, the state recently charged a client of ours with first degree murder. This individual had just completed a 20 years sentence in another murder case. The state sought the death penalty based on the violent record of the defendant. We put together a complete team of professionals to craft a high quality, aggressive defense case. By the first day of the jury trial the state gave up their case, offering a reduced charged to our client. This person served only several months of incarceration and was then released.

In another case, our client already had a long criminal record for drug offenses. Authorities charged the individual with possession with the intent to distribute 20 pounds of cannabis that they had tracked through the U.S. Mail. We filed several motions with the court and entered into negotiations on our client's behalf. Our firm reached agreement with prosecutors to get probation without jail or prison time, and concluded the case for our client. In another drug case, the police charged a client with possession with intent to distribute after seizing a large amount of cocaine in a traffic stop. The mandatory prison sentence in this case was up to 60 years in prison. We filed and effectively argued a motion to suppress the evidence against our client, leading to a full dismissal of charges.

Other recent case results include a sexual assault charge dismissed, a not-guilty verdict in an aggravated assault case, charges dismissed in an aggravated battery prosecution and a not-guilty verdict in another sexual assault charge. We take our duty to our clients extremely seriously. You have the right to an attorney – make sure you are defended by a professional criminal defense lawyer that has a track record of success at trial. Call today.

One of our clients was facing a DUI offense, a second DUI violation. Our team researched the case and prepared for trial. We favorably concluded the case with the state dropping all charges against our client and reinstating his driver's license. We resolved another case for a felony DUI after negotiating a reduction of charges to a misdemeanor with no jail time.

These are only a sampling of our cases where our criminal defense experience greatly benefited our clients. When you retain a firm with a proven record of success, you give yourself the opportunity to increase the chances of getting a positive outcome to your case. Don't risk your future freedom. Call our firm before your case moves further through the system. You deserve to have all of the evidence against reviewed by our attorney before you make any decisions. The case against you could be flawed, and if so, you can be confident that we will exploit these flaws to pursue any advantage for you, whether a dismissed charge, reduced charge or an acquittal at trial.

Contact a Vermilion County criminal defense attorney from our firm if you are charged with a crime and want highly experienced representation.

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